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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
9-May-2019Caracterização da Pinus Sylvestris em Portugal: diversidade genética, qualidade da madeira e estudos de expressão génicaFernandes, Cláudia Sofia RodriguesDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
5-Feb-2020Cytogenetic and biochemical characterization of the progeny of plants of bread wheat ‘Jordão’ biofortified with Iron and/or ZincMiguel Ângelo DiasBaltazar,Master ThesisEmbargo Access
6-Apr-2021Cytogenomic analyses in almond after treatment with biostimulantsEsteves, Ana Paula RibeiroMaster ThesisClosed Access
6-Jun-2017Detection of genomic rearrangements in allopolyploids of the tribe TriticeaeDelgado, Andreia Vanessa AfonsoMaster ThesisOpen Access
23-Jan-2018Effectiveness of Ascorbic Acid and Zinc as drought antagonists in bread wheat plants monitored by different DNA markersAlves, João Tiago RoqueMaster ThesisOpen Access
21-Jan-2020Enhancement of wheat establishment and drought stress resistance through seed priming and foliar fertilisationPavia, Ivo Miguel MenesesDoctoral ThesisEmbargo Access
2015Genetic characterization of Fagaceae by molecular and cytogenetic approachesCoutinho, João Paulo de SousaDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
4-Jul-2017Genetic diversity, provenances extrapolation and cytogenetics analysis of Portuguese Pinus nigra Arn. populationsLemos, Maria Franco Rosa Costa deMaster ThesisOpen Access
3-Dec-2015Inferences about genomic restructuring in tritordeum based on molecular and cytogenetic markersCabo, Sandra Cristina Santos doMaster ThesisOpen Access
4-Dec-2015Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of Pinus sylvestris L. populationsPavia, Ivo Miguel MenesesMaster ThesisOpen Access
26-Feb-2020Monitorização citogenética e molecular de videiras naturalmente expostas ao stresse estival com e sem tratamento com caulinoPereira, Sara EstevesMaster ThesisEmbargo Access
23-Jun-2021Multidisciplinary study of wine-producing grapevine varieties treated with hydroponic solutions enriched with Zinc and CopperCastro, Cláudia Manuela OliveiraDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
19-Dec-2017Seed priming of bread wheat with Iron and Zinc: effects in germination, mitosis, nucleolar activity and grain yieldReis, Sara Alexandra DomingosMaster ThesisOpen Access