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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
19-Jan-2018Molecular and Functional Characterization of a Satellite Non-Coding RNA – FA-SAT – a Key Player of Cycling CellsFerreira, Daniela PernetaDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
10-Jan-2018Molecular characterization of cancer critical genes in feline mammary carcinomas and in the FkMTp cell lineMartins, Bárbara Raquel CruzMaster ThesisClosed Access
2017Molecular microevolution in cat mammary tumor lines: genomic and cytogenomic cell modelsBorges, Ana Luísa PereiraDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
2007Organização da fracção repetitiva nos genomas de Cricetus cricetus, Peromyscus eremicus (Família Cricetidae) e Praomys tullbergi (Família Muridae). Considerações sobre a evolução do cromossoma XTeixeira, Ana Isabel do PaçoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2014Repetitive DNA sequences in rodentia genomes: its involvement in chromosome architecture reshuffling and in genome functionalityTeixeira, Ana Isabel do PaçoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2015Screening of heterologous cytochrome P450 monooxygenases for key catalytic activities involved in the biosynthesis of the anticancer alkaloids from Catharanthus roseusCoelho, Diogo Francisco MaurícioMaster ThesisOpen Access
5-Sep-2019Systemic factors and tumour progressionPinheiro, CatarinaMaster ThesisOpen Access
7-Oct-2019The Bovinae rob(1;29) as a model to study the translocation mechanism underlying the most frequent Robertsonian Centric FusionsEscudeiro, Ana Cláudia Brandão Gomes PauloDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
2016The patchwork pattern of rodent genomes: species-specific organization of orthologous DNA sequencesSilva, Ana Maria Correia Vieira daDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
2015The study of MED12 gene in Lujan-Fryns and Opitz-Kaveggia syndromesPaulino, Cathy FranciscoMaster ThesisOpen Access
5-Dec-2019Unlocking Robertsonian translocated chromosomes in its repetitive DNA content to tackle genomic and mechanistic issuesLopes, Mariana FariaMaster ThesisClosed Access
2010O valor da Citogenética Convencional e Molecular na caracterização de algumas Doenças Hemato-oncológicasSouto, Marta Dantas Ribeiro AlmeidaMaster ThesisOpen Access
15-Nov-2017A Y-chromosome map between the gibbon Nomascus leucogenys and Humans: Evolutionary inferences and biomedical applicationsCosta, Liliana Sofia Meireles daMaster ThesisOpen Access