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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2020Complex Lagrangians in a hyperKaehler manifold and the relative AlbaneseBiswas, Indranil; Gómez, Tomas; Oliveira, Andre GamaArticleOpen Access
2016Connectedness of Higgs bundle moduli for complex reductive Lie groupsGarcía-Prada, Oscar; Oliveira, AndréArticleOpen Access
2011Higgs bundles for the non-compact dual of the unitary groupOliveira, André; Oscar García-PradaArticleOpen Access
16-Feb-2017Maximal Higgs bundles for adjoint forms via Cayley correspondenceGarcia-Prada, Oscar; Oliveira, AndréArticleOpen Access
2015Motives and the Hodge Conjecture for moduli spaces of pairsOliveira, André; Vicente Muñoz; Jonathan SánchezArticleOpen Access
2016On the homotopy type of free group character varietiesOliveira, André; Florentino, Carlos; Lawton, Sean; Casimiro, AnaArticleOpen Access
2021Principal bundles on 2-dimensional CW-complexes with disconnected structure groupOliveira, Andre Gama; Oliveira, Andre GamaArticle; ArticleEmbargo Access; Embargo Access
2016Quadric bundles applied to non-maximal Higgs bundlesOliveira, AndréArticleOpen Access
2012Rank two quadratic pairs and surface group representationsGothen, Peter B.; Oliveira, André G.ArticleOpen Access
2011Representations of surface groups in the projective general linear groupOLIVEIRA, ANDRÉ GAMAArticleOpen Access
2016Representations, Higgs bundles and components: an overviewOliveira, AndréArticleOpen Access
2013The singular fiber of the Hitchin mapOliveira, André; Peter GothenArticleOpen Access
2016Topology of moduli spaces of free group representations in real reductive groupsCasimiro, Ana; Florentino, Carlos; Lawton, Sean; Oliveira, AndréArticleOpen Access
2015Torelli theorem for the moduli spaces of rank 2 quadratic pairsOliveira, AndréArticleOpen Access
Nov-2020Unramified covers and branes on the Hitchin systemFranco, Emilio; Gothen, Peter; Oliveira, Andre Gama; Peon-Nieto, AnaArticleOpen Access