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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2014Subcellular Distribution of Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) in Frozen and Chilled Semen is Related with Dog Sperm QualityBorges, Paulo; Mir, Fernando; Fontbonne, Alain; Payan-Carreira, RitaBook ChapterRestricted Access
2015Take this waltz on creativity: the engineering students' conceptionsCatarino, Paula; Nascimento, Maria Manuel; Morais, Eva; Silva, Helena; Payan-Carreira, RitaConference ObjectOpen Access
2014Temporal changes in neutral endopeptidase/CD10 immunoexpression in the cyclic and early pregnant canine endometriumPayan-Carreira, R; Santos, C.; Miranda, S.; Pereira, R.M.L.N.; Santos, D.; Pires, M.A.ArticleRestricted Access
18-Jul-2014Temporal changes in Neutral Endopeptidase/CD10 immunoexpression in the cyclic and early pregnant canine endometrium.Payan-Carreira, Rita; Santos, Celso; Miranda, Sónia; Neto Pereira, Rosa L.; Santos, Dario; Pires, Maria dos AnjosArticleOpen Access
May-2018The CRITHINKEDU European course on critical thinking education for university teachers: from conception to deliveryDominguez, Caroline Elisabeth (coord.); Poce, Antonella; Agrusti, Francesco; Re, Maria Rosaria; Lai Jiang; Huyghe, Steven; Evers, Marleen; Elen, Jan; Verburgh, An; Dominguez, Caroline Elisabeth; Cruz, Gonçalo; Silva, Maria Helena Ribeiro dos Santos; Morais, Maria Da Felicidade Araújo; Nascimento, Maria Manuel; Payan-Carreira, Rita; Dimitriadou, Catherine; Pnevmatikos, Dimitris; Avgitidou, Sofia; Palaigeorgiou, GeorgeBookOpen Access
2016The Value of a Routine Histopathological Examination of Uterine Specimens in Dogs and CatsPayan-Carreira, RitaBook ChapterOpen Access
2011Tumour necrosis factor in the canine endometrium: an immunohistochemical studyPayan-Carreira, R.; Pires, M.A.; Ström Holst, B.; Rodriguez-Martinez, H.ArticleOpen Access
2008Ultrasonographic assessment of the feline mammary gland.Payan-Carreira, R.; Martins-Bessa, A.C.ArticleClosed Access
2012Uterine prolapse with associated rupture in a Podengo bitchPayan-Carreira, R.; Albuquerque, C.; Abreu, H.; Maltez, L.ArticleOpen Access
2009XY Male PseudohermaphroditismPayan-Carreira, R.; Pires, M.A.; Robalo Silva, J.Book ChapterRestricted Access