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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
Apr-2021Terminologia científica: do grego e latim às línguas vernáculasFernandes, GonçaloArticleOpen Access
2012Textos gramaticais latino-portugueses na Idade MédiaFernandes, GonçaloBook ChapterOpen Access
2015The first known grammar of the (Kahenda-Mbaka) Kimbundu (Lisbon 1697) and Álvares’ Ars Minor (Lisbon 1573)Fernandes, GonçaloArticleOpen Access
2016The first list of Malayalam words at the end of 15th century by a Portuguese seaman / A primeira lista de palavras do malaiala escrito por um marinheiro português no final do século XVFernandes, GonçaloArticleOpen Access
1-Jun-2019The first Portuguese-Chinese dictionary: contributions to the discussion of the context of production and authorshipAssunção, Carlos da Costa; Neto, Sílvio; Fernandes, GonçaloArticleOpen Access
2014The first Vietnamese Dictionary (Rome 1651): Contributions of the Portuguese Patronage to the Eastern LinguisticsFernandes, Gonçalo; Assunção, Carlos da CostaArticleClosed Access
14-May-2022The Matthew Effect and the Historiography of LinguisticsFernandes, GonçaloArticleEmbargo Access
2016Tradition and Innovation in the History of Linguistics: Contributions from the 13th International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS XIII)Assunção, Carlos da Costa; Fernandes, Gonçalo; Kemmler, RolfBook ChapterOpen Access
2007A Verdadeira Grammatica Latina de Amaro de RoboredoFernandes, Gonçalo; Ponce de León, Rogelio; Assunção, Carlos da CostaBook ChapterOpen Access
2007Verdadeira grammatica latina, para se bem saber em breve tempo, scritta na lingua Portuguesa com exemplos na Latina de Amaro de RoboredoFernandes, Gonçalo; Ponce de León, Rogelio; Assunção, Carlos da CostaBookOpen Access
2013Vernacular and Language Teaching in the Portuguese Middle Ages: the ms. Digby 26 and the Reglas para enformarmos os menyos en latimFernandes, GonçaloArticleRestricted Access