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2010Diagnosis, genetic control and preventive management of canine hip dysplasia: A reviewGinja, M.M.D.; Silvestre, A.M.; Gonzalo-Orden, J.M.; Ferreira, A.J.A.ArtigoAcesso Fechado
2017Estimation of carcase composition of goat kids from joint dissection and conformation measurementsSantos, Virgínia A. C.; Silvestre, António M.; Azevedo, Jorge M. T.; Silva, Severiano R.ArtigoAcesso Aberto
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2009Lactation curves for milk, fat and protein in dairy cows: A full approachSilvestre, A.M.; Martins, A.M.; Santos, V.A.; Ginja, M.M.; Colaço, J.A.ArtigoAcesso Fechado
2010Lead toxicity in captive and wild mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) in SpainGinja, Mário Manuel Dinis; Oliveira, P.; Gonzalo-Orden, J.M.; Silvestre, A.M.D.ArtigoAcesso Aberto
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2010Modeling lactation curves of “Barrosão" beef cattle with Wood’s modelSilvestre, António Mário Domingues; Marques de Almeida, José Carlos; Cruz dos Santos, Virginia Alice; Peixoto Fontes, Paulo José; Cardoso Alves, VirgilioArtigoAcesso Aberto
2008Passive hip laxity in Estrela Mountain Dog — Distraction index, heritability and breeding valuesGinja, Mário M. D.; Silvestre, António M.; Ferreira, António J. A.; Gonzalo-Orden, José M.; Orden, Maria A.; Melo-Pinto, Pedro; Llorens-Pena, Maria P.; Colaço, JorgeArtigoAcesso Fechado
2013Prevalence and breeding values of elbow dysplasia in the Estrela mountain dog.Alves-Pimenta, S.; Colaco, B.; Silvestre, A.M.D.; Ginja, M.M.D.ArtigoAcesso Restrito
2011Somatic cell score genetic parameter estimates of dairy cattle in Portugal using fractional polynomialsMartins, A. M.; Silvestre, A. M.; Petim-Batista, M. F.; Colaço, J.ArtigoAcesso Fechado
2008A Study of Lusitano Mare Lactation Curve with Wood's ModelSantos, A.S.; Silvestre, A.M.ArtigoAcesso Aberto
2008The use of multivariate analysis to characterize carcass and meat quality of goat kids protected by the PGI “Cabrito de Barroso".Santos, V.A.C.; Silva, J.A.; Silvestre, A.M.D.; Silva, S.R.; Azevedo, J.M.T.ArtigoAcesso Fechado