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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2013Biofilm prevention and control by dietary phytochemicalsBorges, Anabela; Abreu, Ana; Malheiro, J; Saavedra, Maria José; Simõe, ManuelBook ChapterOpen Access
2010Detection of Metallo-ß-lactamases in Aeromonas isolated from alheira: a tradicional portuguese meat productFontes, M. C.; Martínez-Murcia, A.; Martins, C.; Saavedra, M. J.Conference ObjectClosed Access
2010Diversity of serine-ß-lactamase genes among Aeromonas isolates from pigs slaughtered for consumptionFontes, M. C.; Martínez-Murcia, A.; Martins, C.; Saavedra, M. J.Conference ObjectClosed Access
2005Effect of mannan oligosaccharides on the performance, intestinal morphology and cecal fermentation of fattening rabbitsMourão, José Luís; Pinheiro, Victor; Alves, A.; Guedes, Cristina; Pinto, L.; Saavedra, Maria José; Spring, P.; Kocher, A.ArticleClosed Access
2012Phylogenetic Diversity of Aeromonas from “Alheira”, a Traditional Portuguese Meat ProductFontes, M. C.; Martins, C.; Martínez-Murcia, A.; Saavedra, M. J.OtherOpen Access
2011Phylogenetic identification of Aeromonas from pigs slaughtered for consumption in slaughterhouses at the North of PortugalFontes, M. C.; Saavedra, M. J.; Martins, C.; Martínez-Murcia, A.ArticleClosed Access
2010Phylogenetic identification of Aeromonas simiae from a pig, first isolate since species descriptionFontes, M.C.; Saavedra, M.J.; Martins, C.; Monera, A.; Martínez-Murcia, A.ArticleClosed Access
2010Potential virulence factors of Candida spp. isolated from clinical and food sourcesCosta, E.; Inês, A.; Mendes-Faia, Arlete; Saavedra, M.J.; Mendes-Ferreira, AnaArticleRestricted Access