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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
1997Lanscape Changes Caused by the Exploitation of Granite QuarriesSousa, L.M.O.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
2012Pedreiras sujeitas a Avaliação de Impacte AmbientalAfonso, D.S.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2014Petrophysical properties and durability of granites employed as building stone: a comprehensive evaluationSousa, L.M.O.ArticleEmbargo Access
2012Prospecção de granito ornamentalSousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Recuperação ambiental e paisagística de pedreirasCorreia, V.F.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Recursos geológicos e ordenamento do territórioPita, P.J.B.S.; Lourenço, J.M.M.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Os recursos geológicos em Vila Pouca de AguiarOliveira, A.S.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Resíduos da indústria do granitoMoura, S.C.A.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012A Rota da Pedra em Vila Pouca de AguiarSousa, L.M.O.; Oliveira, A.S.; Lourenço, J.M.M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Segurança, higiene e saúde em pedreirasOliveira, V.F.C.; Quadros, C.A.G.A.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
1997The Supply of a Small Town with Groundwater from Thrusted QuartzitesPacheco, Fernando António Leal; Sousa, L.M.O.; Sousa Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
Jun-2013The influence of the characteristics of quartz and mineral deterioration on the strength of granitic dimensional stonesSousa, LMOArticleEmbargo Access
2012Transformação de granitoCosta, P.M.S.; Crespo, J.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access