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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2010Comparison of long-chain fatty acids and alkanes as markers to estimate diet composition of equines and cattle consuming heathland vegetation speciesFerreira, L.M.M.; Celaya, R.; Santos, A.S.; Falco, V.; Guedes, C.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access
2009Differences between domestic herbivores species in alkane faecal recoveries and the accuracy of subsequent estimates of diet compositionFerreira, L.M.M.; Celaya, R.; García, U.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access
2009Effects of age and mannanoligosaccharides supplementation on production of volatile fatty acids in the caecum of rabbitsGuedes, Cristina; Mourão, José Luís; Silva, Severiano; Gomes, Maria José; Rodrigues, M.M.; Pinheiro, VictorArticleClosed Access
2009El uso de hoja de olivo tratada con hongos (Gannoderma applanatum) en dietas para conejos en en-gorde. Efecto sobre el crecimiento, la actividad fermentativa cecal y la digestibilidad de la dietaPinheiro, V.M; Ribeiro, L; Outor-Monteiro, D; Rodrigues, M.M; Bezerra, R; Dias, A; Mourão, J.LConference ObjectOpen Access
2010Enzymatic saccharification of biologically pre-treated wheat straw with white-rot fungiDias, Albino A.; Freitas, Gil S.; Marques, Guilhermina S.M.; Sampaio, Ana; Fraga, Irene S.; Rodrigues, Miguel A.M.; Evtuguin, Dmitry V.; Bezerra, Rui M.F.ArticleOpen Access
2012Evaluation of long-chain alcohols as diet composition markers in goats grazing heathland areasFerreira, L. M. M.; Celaya, R.; Santos, A. S.; Guedes, C. M. V.; Rodrigues, M. A. M.; Mayes, R. W.; Osoro, K.ArticleRestricted Access
2010Evaluation of very long-chain fatty acids and n-alkane epicuticular compounds as markers for estimating diet composition of sheep fed heathland vegetation speciesFerreira, L.M.M.; Celaya, R.; Falco, V.; Oliván, M.; Santos, A.S.; Guedes, C.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access
2013Foraging behaviour of domestic herbivore species grazing on heathlands associated with improved pasture areasFerreira, Luis Miguel M.; Celaya, Rafael; Benavides, Raquel; Jáuregui, Berta M.; García, Urcesino; Sofia Santos, Ana; Rosa García, Rocío; Rodrigues, Miguel António M.; Osoro, KoldoArticleRestricted Access
2009Modification of wheat straw lignin by solid state fermentation with white-rot fungiDinis, Maria J.; Bezerra, Rui M.F.; Nunes, Fernando; Dias, Albino A.; Guedes, Cristina V.; Ferreira, Luís M.M.; Cone, John W.; Marques, Guilhermina S.M.; Barros, Ana R.N.; Rodrigues, Miguel A.M.ArticleClosed Access
2011The utilization of long-chain fatty acids as markers for diet composition estimates in ruminants: effects of animal species, diet composition and marker combinationFerreira, L. M. M.; Celaya, R.; Santos, A. S.; Falco, V.; Guedes, C.; Rodrigues, M. A. M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access