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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2010Magnesium deficiency in chestnut groves: the influence of soil manganesePortela, EsterArticleOpen Access
2011Management of chestnut plantations for a multifunctional land use under Mediterranean conditions: effects on productivity and sustainabilityMartins , Afonso; Marques, Guilhermina Miguel Da Silva; Borges, Olga; Portela, Ester; Lousada, José; Raimundo, Fernando Pedro Falcão; Madeira, ManuelArticleOpen Access
1994Manuring in Barroso: A crucial farming practicePortela, EsterBook ChapterOpen Access
1993Potassium supplying capacity of northeastern Portuguese soilsPortela, EsterArticleOpen Access
7-Mar-2004Práticas culturais em soutos de Trás-os-Montes e relação com a incidência do cancroPortela, Ester; Pinto, Rui; Pires, Ana Luísa; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Portela, José-Open Access
1990Previsão da absorção do potássio através dum modelo matemático I- Verificação do modelo em solos de Trás-os-Montes. II-Avaliação da importância dos parâmetros do solo.Portela, EsterArticleOpen Access
2005Site factors and management practices associated with the incidence of blight in chestnut orchards in Northeastern PortugalPortela, Ester; Pinto, RuiArticleOpen Access
1999Soil factors farmer's pratices and chestnut ink diseases: some interactionsPortela, Ester; Aranha, José Tadeu Marques; Martins, Afonso; Pires, Ana LuísaArticleOpen Access
2000Soil physical properties and the ocurrence of chestnut ink disease: a micromorphological studyMarcelino, Vera; Torres, N.; Portela, Ester; Martins, AfonsoArticleOpen Access