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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2014High intensity interval training in patients with type 2 diabetes: Diabetes em movimento® trialMendes, R.; Sousa, N.; Vilaça-Alves, J.; Temudo-Barata, J.L.; Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access
2011Higher precision of heart rate compared with VO2 to predict exercise intensity in endurance-trained runnersReis, V.M.; Van den Tillaar, R.; Marques, M.C.ArticleClosed Access
2013Inclusion of blood lactate O2 equivalent in the VO2 exercise intensity regression increases the energy cost of running and lowers its precision | Inclusão do equivalente do lactato sanguíneo O2 na regressão de intensidade de exercício VO2 aumenta o gasto energético de corrida e diminui sua precisãoReis, V.M.; Oliveira, D.R.; Carneiro, A.L.; Barbosa, T.M.ArticleClosed Access
2005Inclusion of exercise intensities above the lactate threshold in VO 2/running speed regression does not improve the precision of accumulated oxygen deficit estimation in endurance-trained runnersReis, V.M.; Silva, A.J.; Ascensão, A.; Duarte, J.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Influence of inter-set stretching on strength, flexibility and hormonal adaptationsSouza, A.C.; Bentes, C.M.; De Salles, B.F.; Reis, V.M.; Alves, J.V.; Miranda, H.; Da Silva Novaes, J.ArticleClosed Access
2013Influence of the muscle group in heart rate recovery after resistance exercisePeçanha, T.; Vianna, J.M.; de Souza, E.D.; Panza, P.S.; Perrout de Lima, J.R.; Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access
2014Influence of three recovery methods on muscle fatigue and rate of perceived exertionVilaça-Alves, J.; Pinto, H.; Saavedra, F.J.; Mendes, R.; Sousa, N.; Uchoa, P.; Dos Santos, P.; Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access
2007Is blood lactate removal during water immersed cycling faster than during cycling on land?Di Masi, F.; De Souza Vale, R.G.; Dantas, E.H.M.; Barreto, A.C.L.; Novaes, J.D.S.; Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access
2013Oxygen uptake slow component at submaximal swimmingReis, V.M.; Santos, E.L.; Oliveira, D.R.; Gonçalves, L.F.; Carneiro, A.L.; Fernandes, R.J.ArticleClosed Access
2013Performance progression in Brazilian middle-distance runners from early training to peak performance: A pilot study | Evoluçâo da performance de meio-fundistas brasileiros da formaçâo ao pico de rendimento: Um estudo pilotoZaar, A.; Reis, V.M.; Oliveira, D.R.; Silva, A.J.ArticleClosed Access
2009Physiological assessment of head-out aquatic exercises in healthy subjects: A qualitative reviewBarbosa, T.M.; Marinho, D.A.; Reis, V.M.; Silva, A.J.; Bragada, J.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Physiological response to fluid intake with and without carbohydrate during indoor cycling classesCarneiro, A.L.G.; Jacó De Oliveira, R.; Gama De Matos, D.; Aidar, F.J.; Mazini Filho, M.L.; Hickner, R.C.; Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access
2009Prediction of VO2max during cycle ergometry based on submaximal ventilatory indicatorsMoreira Nunes, R.A.; De Souza Vale, R.G.; Simão, R.; De Salles, B.F.; Reis, V.M.; Da Silva Novaes, J.; Miranda, H.; Rhea, M.R.; Da Cunha Medeiros, A.ArticleClosed Access
2009Resistance exercise sessions do not provoke acute immunosuppression in older womenDa Cunha Neves Jr., S.; Lima, R.M.; Simões, H.G.; Marques, M.C.; Reis, V.M.; De Oliveira, R.J.ArticleClosed Access
2007A study on the quality of life in ischaemic vascular accidents and its relation to physical activity.Aidar, F.J.; Silva, A.J.; Reis, V.M.; Carneiro, A. L.; Carneiro-Cotta, S.ArticleRestricted Access
2011The influence of strength, flexibility, and simultaneous training on flexibility and strength gainsSimão, R.; Lemos, A.; Salles, B.; Leite, T.; Oliveira, E.; Rhea, M.; Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access
2010The somatotype and dermatoglyphic profiles of adult, junior and juvenile male Brazilian top-level volleyball playersZary, J.C.; Filho, J.F.; Fernandes, P.R.; Rouboa, A.; Silva, A.J.; Reis, V.M.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Trace elements influence on bone mineral density in elderly women | Influência de elementos-traço na densidade mineral óssea de mulheres idosasLima, L.; Furtado, A.C.; Lima, R.M.; Reis, V.M.; Fonseca, R.M.; Oliveira, R.J.ArticleClosed Access
2009Using basketball test battery to monitor players with mental retardation across 2 sports seasonsBaldari, C.; Franciosi, E.; Gallotta, M.C.; Emerenziani, G.P.; Reis, V.M.; Guidetti, L.ArticleClosed Access
2011VO2 underestimation using the Aquatrainer compared with facemask measurements: Is it all in the ventilation?Reis, V.M.ArticleClosed Access