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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2017European cowpea landraces for a more sustainable agriculture system and novel foodsCarvalho, Márcia; Bebeli, Penelope J; Pereira, Graça; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Egea-Gilabert, Catalina; Matos, Manuela; Lazaridi, Efstathia; Duarte, Isabel; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Ntatsi, Georgia; Rodrigues, Miguel; Savvas, Dimitrios; Rosa, Eduardo; Carnide, ValdemarArticleRestricted Access
14-Jun-2019Evaluating stress responses in cowpea under drought stressCarvalho, Márcia; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Pereira, José Manuel Moutinho; Correia, Carlos Manuel; Egea-Cortínes, Marcos; Matos, Maria Manuela Do Outeiro Correia De; Rosa, Eduardo Augusto Dos Santos; Carnide, Valdemar Pedrosa; Neto, Teresa LinoArticleRestricted Access
2017Genetic diversity and structure of Iberian Peninsula cowpeas compared to world-wide cowpea accessions using high density SNP markersCarvalho, Márcia; Muñoz-Amatriaín, María; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Matos, Manuela; Egea-Cortines, Marcos; Rosa, Eduardo; Close, Timothy; Carnide, ValdemarArticleOpen Access
2020Iberian Peninsula cowpea diversity: chloroplast, microsatellite and morpho-agronomic variabilityMonteiro, Eliana; Castro, Isaura; Carvalho, Márcia; Martín, Juan Pedro; Rosa, Eduardo; Carnide, ValdemarArticleOpen Access
2020Root and Agro-Morphological Traits Performance in Cowpea under Drought StressSantos, Ricardo; Carvalho, Márcia; Rosa, Eduardo; Carnide, Valdemar; Castro, IsauraArticleOpen Access
28-Nov-2018Screening of worldwide cowpea collection to drought tolerant at a germination stageCarvalho, Márcia; Matos, Maria Manuela Do Outeiro Correia De; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Monteiro, Eliana; Rosa, Eduardo Augusto Dos Santos; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Carnide, Valdemar PedrosaArticleRestricted Access