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2011Changes in proximal femur bone properties following ovariectomy and their association with resistance to fractureFonseca, Hélder; Moreira-Gonçalves, Daniel; Vaz, Mário; Fernandes, Maria Helena; Ferreira, Rita; Amado, Francisco; Mota, Maria Paula; Duarte, José AlbertoArticleClosed Access
2015Comparative proteomic analyses of urine from rat urothelial carcinoma chemically induced by exposure to N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamineFerreira, Rita; Oliveira, Paula; Martins, Telma; Magalhães, Sandra; Trindade, Fábio; Pires, Maria João; Colaço, Bruno; Barros, António; Santos, Lúcio; Amado, Francisco; Vitorino, RuiArticleRestricted Access
2015Cross-species comparison of mammalian saliva using an LC-MALDI based proteomic approachde Sousa-Pereira, Patrícia; Cova, Marta; Abrantes, Joana; Ferreira, Rita; Trindade, Fábio; Barros, António; Gomes, Pedro; Colaço, Bruno; Amado, Francisco; Esteves, Pedro J.; Vitorino, RuiArticleRestricted Access
2014A liver schwannoma observed in a female Sprague-Dawley rat treated with MNUTeixeira-Guedes, Catarina Isabel; Faustino-Rocha, Ana Isabel; Talhada, Daniela; Duarte, José Alberto; Ferreira, Rita; Seixas, Fernanda; Oliveira, Paula AlexandraArticleRestricted Access
2014Molecular insights into mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer-related muscle wastingAntunes, Diana; Padrão, Ana Isabel; Maciel, Elisabete; Santinha, Deolinda; Oliveira, Paula; Vitorino, Rui; Moreira-Gonçalves, Daniel; Colaço, Bruno; Pires, Maria João; Nunes, Cláudia; Santos, Lúcio L.; Amado, Francisco; Duarte, José Alberto; Domingues, Maria Rosário; Ferreira, RitaArticleRestricted Access
2015Salivary peptidomic as a tool to disclose new potential antimicrobial peptidesTrindade, Fábio; Amado, Francisco; Pinto da Costa, João; Ferreira, Rita; Maia, Catarina; Henriques, Isabel; Colaço, Bruno; Vitorino, RuiArticleRestricted Access
28-Jul-2019Taking Port Wine aroma all over the world: Construction of a Tawny Port Wine-like fragranceFerreira, Rita; Correia, Elisete; Nunes, Fernando Hermínio Ferreira Milheiro; Vilela, Alice Maria CorreiaConference ObjectOpen Access