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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2021Are Land Use Options in Viticulture and Oliviculture in Agreement with Bioclimatic Shifts in Portugal?Andrade, Cristina; Fonseca, André; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Bioclimatic conditions of the Portuguese wine denominations of origin under changing climatesSantos, Mónica; Fonseca, André; Fraga, Helder; Jones, Gregory V.; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Climate Projections for Precipitation and Temperature Indicators in the Douro Wine Region: The Importance of Bias CorrectionMartins, Joana; Fraga, Helder; Fonseca, André; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Grapevine Phenology of cv. Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional in the Douro Wine Region: Modelling and Climate Change ProjectionsCosta, Ricardo; Fraga, Helder; Fonseca, André; García de Cortázar-Atauri, Iñaki; Val, Maria C.; Carlos, Cristina; Reis, Samuel; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2022On the development of a regional climate change adaptation plan: Integrating model-assisted projections and stakeholders' perceptionsGonçalves, Catarina; Honrado, João P.; Cerejeira, João; Sousa, Rita; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Vaz, Ana Sofia; Alves, Manuela; Araújo, Miguel; Carvalho-Santos, Cláudia; Fonseca, André; Fraga, Hélder; Gonçalves, João F.; Lomba, Angela; Pinto, Eva; Vicente, Joana R.; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2018Recent and future changes of precipitation extremes in mainland PortugalSantos, Mónica; Fonseca, André; Fragoso, Marcelo; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021The Impact of a Hydroelectric Power Plant on a Regional Climate in PortugalFonseca, André; Santos, João A.ArticleOpen Access