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20-Aug-2013Crop beta-glucanase activity limits the effectiveness of a recombinant cellulase used to supplement a barley-based feed for free-range broilersPonte, Patricia; Lordelo, M.M.S; Chaveiro-Soares, Manuel M; Mourão, José Luís; Crespo, J.P; Crespo, D.G.; Gama, L.T.,; Ferreira, Luís; Prates, J.A.M.,; Fontes, CarlosArticleClosed Access
2008Effect of dietary dehydrated pasture and citrus pulp on the performance and meat quality of broiler chickensMourão, José Luís; Pinheiro, Victor; Prates, J.A; Bessa, R.J.; Ferreira, L.M.; Fontes, Carlos; Ponte, P.I.,ArticleOpen Access
2008Pasture intake improves the performance and meat sensory attributes of free-range broilersPonte, P.I.P; Rosado, C.M.C; Crespo, J.P.; Crespo, D.G; Mourão, José Luís; Chaveiro-Soares, M.A.; Mendes, I.L.T.; Gama, L.T.; Prates, J.A.M.; Ferreira, L.M.A.; Fontes, CarlosArticleClosed Access
2008Restricting the intake of a cereal-based feed in free range pastured poultry: effects on performance and meat qualityPonte, Patricia; Prates, J.A.M.; Crespo, J.P.; Crespo, D.G.; Mourão, José Luís; Alves, S.P.; Bessa, J.B.; Chaveiro-Soares, M.A.; Ferreira, L.M.A.; Fontes, CarlosArticleClosed Access
2006Use of ß-glucanases and ß-1,4-xylanases to supplement diets containing alfalfa and rye for laying hens: effects on bird performance and egg qualityMourão, José Luís; Ponte, Patricia; Prates., J.A.M; Centeno., M.S.J; Ferreira, L.M.A; Chaveiro-Soares, M.A; Fontes, CarlosArticleClosed Access