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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2013Combined strength and step aerobics training leads to significant gains in maximal strength and body composition in women.Ana, Pereira; A. M., Costa; M, Izquierdo; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Marques, Mário C.; J.H.H., WilliamsArticleRestricted Access
2012Genetic Inheritance Effects on Endurance and Muscle StrengthCosta, Aldo M.; Breitenfeld, Luiza; Silva, António J.; Pereira, Ana; Izquierdo, Mikel; Marques, Mário C.ArticleRestricted Access
2010Relationships between dry land strength, power variables and short sprint performance in young competitive swimmersGarrido, Nuno; Marinho, Daniel A.; Barbosa, Tiago M.; Costa, Aldo M.; Silva, António J.; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Marques, Mário C.ArticleRestricted Access
2011The Effect 0f Warm-up on Tethered Front Crawl Swimming ForcesNeiva, Henrique; Morouço, Pedro; Silva, António J.; Marques, Mário C.; Marinho, Daniel A.ArticleRestricted Access
2013The influence of ACE ID and ACTN3 R577X polymorphisms on lower-extremity function in older women in response to high-speed power trainingPereira, Ana; Costa, Aldo M.; Leitão, José C; Monteiro, António M; Izquierdo, Mikel; Silva, António J; Bastos, Estela; Marques, Mário C.ArticleRestricted Access
2013The Influence of Anthropometric, Kinematic and Energetic Variables and Gender on Swimming Performance in Youth AthletesMorais, Jorge E; Garrido, Nuno D.; Marques, Mário C.; Silva, António J; Marinho, Daniel A; Barbosa, Tiago MArticleRestricted Access