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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
15-Feb-2019An approach to the implementation of Low Impact Development measures towards an EcoCampus classificationMatos, C.; Briga Sá, A.; Bentes, Isabel Maria da Assunção de Marta...; Pereira, S.; Bento, R.ArticleOpen Access
2014An exploratory study on the influence of socio-demographic characteristics on water end uses inside buildingsMatos, C.; Teixeira, Carlos A.; Bento, R.; Varajão, J.; Bentes, I.ArticleClosed Access
2014A comparative study of greywater from domestic and public buildingsSantos, C.; Matos, C.; Taveira-Pinto, F.ArticleRestricted Access
2015Economic Analysis of a Rainwater Harvesting System in a Commercial BuildingMatos, C.; Bentes, I.; Santos, C.; Imteaz, M.; Pereira, S.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Um estudo exploratório sobre a influência das caraterísticas organolépticas da água na utlilização final de água em habitaçõesMatos, C.; Bentes, I.; Varajão, J.OtherOpen Access
2014Evaluation of operational, economic, and environmental performance of mixed and selective collection of municipal solid waste: Porto case studyTeixeira, C. A.; Russo, M.; Matos, C.; Bentes, I.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Rainwater storage tank sizing: Case study of a commercial buildingMatos, C.; Santos, C.; Pereira, S.; Bentes, I.; Imteaz, MonzurArticleRestricted Access
2015Urban Land-Cover, Urbanization Type and Implications for Storm Water Quality: Vila Real as a Case StudyMatos, C.; Bento, Ricardo; Bentes, I.ArticleClosed Access
2014Wastewater and greywater reuse on irrigation in centralized and decentralized systems — An integrated approach on water quality, energy consumption and CO2 emissionsMatos, C.; Pereira, S.; Amorim, E.V.; Bentes, I.; Briga-Sá, A.ArticleRestricted Access