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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2013Academics perception towards various water reuse options: University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto-Douro - UTAD Campus (Portugal) as a case studyMatos, Cristina; Friedler, Eran; Monteiro, Ana; Rodrigues, André; Teixeira, Rita; Bentes, Isabel; Varajão, JoãoArticleRestricted Access
2014An exploratory study on the influence of socio-demographic characteristics on water end uses inside buildingsMatos, Cristina; Teixeira, Carlos A.; Bento, Ricardo; Varajão, João; Bentes, IsabelArticleRestricted Access
9-Jan-2019Characterization of water and energy consumptions at the end use level in rural and urban environments: preliminary results of the ENERWAT ProjectMatos, Cristina; Cunha, António Manuel Trigueiros Da Silva; Pereira, Francisco; Gonçalves, Arminda; Silva, Elisabete; Pereira, Sandra; Bentes, Isabel Maria Da Assunção De Marta...; Faria, Diana; Sá, Ana BrigaArticleOpen Access
2015Economic Analysis of a Rainwater Harvesting System in a Commercial BuildingMatos, Cristina; Bentes, Isabel; Santos, C.; Imteaz, Monzur; Pereira, SandraArticleRestricted Access
2014Elaboração de um guia metodológico de gestão de resíduos hospitalaresTeixeira, Carlos A.; Coelho, D.; Matos, Cristina; Bentes, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015"Impacts of climatic variability on rainwater tank outcomes for an inland city, Canberra"Matos, CristinaArticleRestricted Access
2017In situ evaluation of water and energy consumptions at the end use level: The influence of flow reducers and temperature in bathsMatos, Cristina; Briga-Sá, A.; Bentes, Isabel; Faria, D.; Pereira, SandraArticleOpen Access