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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2010Soluções de reforço do revestimento de coberturasBranquinho, Rui Filipe RegoMaster ThesisClosed Access
2011Soluções Técnicas para Sinalização de Rotundas: Uma Abordagem AlternativaFaria, Márcio André BritesMaster ThesisClosed Access
2008Somatic and functional profile of sport rock climbersPadrenosso, André; de Godoy, Erik S.; César, Eurico; Barreto, Ana; Reis, Vitor; Silva, Antonio; Dantas, EstélioArticleClosed Access
2011Somatic cell score genetic parameter estimates of dairy cattle in Portugal using fractional polynomialsMartins, A. M.; Silvestre, A. M.; Petim-Batista, M. F.; Colaço, J.ArticleClosed Access
2015Some special sequences of quaternions and octonionsCatarino, PaulaConference ObjectClosed Access
2013Sonda de ultrassons para aplicações agropecuáriasCarvalho, Nuno Miguel Moreira da Silva deMaster ThesisClosed Access
2017A spatial explicit agent based model approach to evaluate the performance of different monitoring options for mortality estimates in the scope of onshore windfarm impact assessmentsSantos, Mário Gabriel Santiago dos; Bastos, Rita; Ferreira, Daniel; Santos, Andreia; Barros, Paulo; Travassos, Paulo; Carvalho, Diogo; Gomes, Carla; Gonçalves, Hélia Marisa Vale; Braz, Luís; Morinha, Francisco; Cardoso, Maria das Neves Paiva; Hughes, Samantha Jane; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2017A spatially-explicit dynamic modelling framework to assess habitat suitability for endangered species: The case of Red-billed Chough under land use change scenarios in PortugalMorinha, Francisco; Bastos, Rita; Carvalho, Diogo; Travassos, Paulo; Santos, Mário; Blanco, Guillermo; Bastos, Estela; Cabral, João A.ArticleClosed Access
2004Speed strength endurance and 400m performanceMiguel PJ; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado de Ribeiro dosArticleClosed Access
11-Oct-2016Statistical techniques for sensorial characterization of wines from three different grape varieties of Vinho Verde Region.Marques, Catarina; Vilela, Alice; Correia, EliseteConference ObjectClosed Access
2014Steady state models provide an invalid estimate of intermittent resistance-exercise energy costsReis, VM; Scott CBArticleClosed Access
2005Steady Two-Dimensional Non-Newtonian Flow Past an Array of Long Circular Cylinders up to Reynolds number 500: A Numerical Study¿? [CJChE 83 (2005) 437-449]Soares, A. A.; Ferreira, J. M.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleClosed Access
2007A stochastic dynamic methodology (SDM) to facilitate handling simple passerine indicators in the scope of the agri-environmental measures problematics.Cabral, João Alexandre; Rocha, Ana; Santos, Mário; Crespí, António LuísArticleClosed Access
2006A Stochastic Dynamic Methodology (SDM) to the modelling of trophic interactions, with a focus on estuarine eutrophication scenarios.Silva-Santos, Pedro; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Múrias, Tiago; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2009A Stochastic Dynamic Methodology (StDM) for reservoir water quality management: Validation of a multi-scale approach in a south Europe basin (Douro, Portugal).Cabecinha, Edna; Cortes, Rui; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2010A Stochastic Dynamic Methodology (StDM) to simulate the effects of fire on vegetation and bird communities in Pinus pinaster stands.Silva-Santos, Pedro; Valentim, Helena; Luís, António; Queirós, Luís; Travassos, Paulo; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2016A stochastic dynamic model to assess land use change scenarios on the ecological status of fluvial water bodies under the Water Framework DirectiveHughes, S.J.; Cabral, J.A.; Bastos, R.; Cortes, R.; Vicente, J.; Eitelberg, D.; Yu, H.; Honrado, J.; Santos, M.ArticleClosed Access
2016Strategic Knowledge Management, Innovation and Performance: A Qualitative Study of the Footwear IndustryMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Leal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Cardoso, Ana RitaArticleClosed Access
4-Sep-2014Strategic Knowledge Management, Innovation and Performance: An Initial Study of Portuguese Footwear CompaniesMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Leal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Cardoso, Ana RitaOtherClosed Access
2010Strategies for mitigation of nitrogen environmental impact from swine productionOutor-Monteiro, D.; Pinheiro, Victor; Mourão, José Luís; Rodrigues, M.ArticleClosed Access