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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2016The long road from one-size-fits-all SME promotion to bespoke business start-upsMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Gerry, Chris; Leal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos PeixeiraConference ObjectClosed Access
11-Oct-2018The long road from one-size-fits-all SME promotion to bespoke business start-upsMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Gerry, Chris; Marques, Carlos PeixeiraArticleClosed Access
2015The lower paleolithic and the lithic materials of the dauqara formation, JordanMalagó, AldoMaster ThesisClosed Access
2016The oxygen uptake slow component at submaximal intensities in breaststroke swimmingOliveira, Diogo Roberto; Lio Gonçalves; Reis, António Malvas; Fernandes R; Garrido, Nuno Domingos; Reis, VMArticleClosed Access
2016The patchwork pattern of rodent genomes: species-specific organization of orthologous DNA sequencesSilva, Ana Maria Correia Vieira daDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
2014The reception of Court de Gébelin in 19th Century Portuguese Grammar: the case of the anonymous Regras de grammatica portugueza (1841)Kemmler, RolfBook ChapterClosed Access
2017The role of affective expectations in attitudes towards tourismMarques, Carlos Peixeira; Leal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Ferreira, Maria do CarmoBookClosed Access
7-Jun-2016The role of intellectual capital and corporate strategy on sustainable value creationLeal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Marques, Carla Susana Da EncarnaçãoArticleClosed Access
2008The role of mitochondria in aging of skeletal muscleFigueiredo, Pedro Alexandre; Mota, Maria P.; Appell, Hans Joachim; Duarte, José AlbertoArticleClosed Access
2010The use of computational fluid Dynamics in swimming researchMarinho DA; Reis, VM; Alves FB; Vilas-Boas, J.P.; Machado, L.; Rouboa, A.I.; Silva, António JoséArticleClosed Access
2016The use of Function Machine: an experience in the classroomGandra, Ana Paula; Aires, Ana Paula; Catarino, PaulaConference ObjectClosed Access
2011The Use of Stochastic Models as a Management Tool in a Shallow Temperate Estuary of South Europe (Mondego, Portugal). Chapter 5.Silva-Santos, Pedro; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Múria, Tiago; Medeiros, Joana; Cardoso, Patricia; Dolbeth, Mariana; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo; Cabral, João AlexandreBook ChapterClosed Access
2015The use of Thermal Imaging To Monitoring Skin Temperature During Cryotherapy: A Systematic ReviewMatos, Filipe; Neves, Eduardo Borba; Norte, Marco; Rosa, Claudio; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro Dos; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça MaioArticleClosed Access
2010The use of wet feeding to improve performance of broilers fed purified diets while testing antioxidants effectsMarinho, António Daniel VasconcelosMaster ThesisClosed Access
2004The validity of general and specific strength tests to predict the shot put performance – a pilot studyReis, Victor Manuel Machado de Ribeiro dos; Ferreira AArticleClosed Access
2009The value of in vivo real time ultrasonography in assessing loin muscularity and carcass composition of rabbitsSilva, Severiano; Guedes, Cristina; Mourão, José Luís; Pio, A; Pinheiro, VictorArticleClosed Access
2018The Views of Engineering Students on CreativityCatarino, Paula Maria Machado Cruz; Nascimento, Maria M.; Morais, Eva Virgínia Araújo; Vasco, Paulo José Martins; Campos, Helena Maria Barros De; Silva, Maria Helena Ribeiro Dos Santos; Payan-Carreira, Rita; João Monteiro, M.Book ChapterClosed Access
2015Thermography in Neurologic PracticeEduardo Borba Neves; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Claudio Rosa; Reis, Victor MachadoArticleClosed Access
2015Thermography to monitoring of sports training: an OverviewNeves, Eduardo Borba; Matos, Filipe; Cunha, Raphael Martins; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro DosArticleClosed Access
2015Thermography: a technique for assessing the risk of developing diabetic foot disorders: Figure 1Mendes, Romeu; Sousa, Nelson; Almeida, António; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Reis, Victor Machado; Eduardo Borba NevesConference ObjectClosed Access