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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2016The antimicrobial effect of essential oils against listeria monocytogenes in sous vide cook-chill beef during storageGouveia, Ana R.; Alves, Márcio; Almeida, José Manuel Marques Martins De; Silva, Filipe Monteiro; González-Aguilar, Gerardo; Silva, José A.; Saraiva, Cristina Maria TeixeiraArticleOpen Access
20-May-2015The asinina de Miranda donkey breed (Equus asinus): demographic analysis and characterization of the reproductive cyclesQuaresma, Miguel Nuno PinheiroDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2010The Attributes and Advantages of Virtual Worlds for Real World TrainingMorgado, Leonel; João Varajão; Dalila Coelho; Clara Rodrigues; Chiara Sancín; Valentina CastelloArticleOpen Access
May-2018The CRITHINKEDU European course on critical thinking education for university teachers: from conception to deliveryDominguez, Caroline Elisabeth (coord.); Poce, Antonella; Agrusti, Francesco; Re, Maria Rosaria; Lai Jiang; Huyghe, Steven; Evers, Marleen; Elen, Jan; Verburgh, An; Dominguez, Caroline Elisabeth; Cruz, Gonçalo; Silva, Maria Helena Ribeiro dos Santos; Morais, Maria Da Felicidade Araújo; Nascimento, Maria Manuel; Payan-Carreira, Rita; Dimitriadou, Catherine; Pnevmatikos, Dimitris; Avgitidou, Sofia; Palaigeorgiou, GeorgeBookOpen Access
2011The definition of the European almond core collectionSocias I Company, R.; Alonso, J.M.; Espiau, M.T.; Fernández I Martí, A.; Kodad, O.; Avanzato, D.; Bacchetta, L.; Botta, R.; Drogoudi, P.; Duval, H.; Metzidakis, I.; Rovira, M.; Silva, A.P.; Solar, A.; Spera, D.ArticleOpen Access
2010The double cantilever beam test applied to mode I fracture characterization of cortical bone tissueMorais, J.J.L.; Moura, M.F.S.F.; Pereira, F.A.M.; Xavier, J.; Dourado, N.; Dias, Maria Isabel R.; Azevedo, Jorge Manuel Teixeira deArticleOpen Access
7-Sep-2014The dynamics and drivers of fuel and fire in the Portuguese public forestFernandes, Paulo; Loureiro, Carlos; Guiomar, Nuno; Pezzatti, Gianni; Manso, Filipa; Lopes, LuísArticleOpen Access
2014The edition of Latin grammar of Father Manuel Álvares, Japan, 1594: brief note and bibliographical referencesAssunção, CarlosArticleOpen Access
2008The effect of olive leaves supplementation on the growth performances, oxidative stability and quality of pork meatPaiva-Martins, F; Barbosa, S; Pinheiro, V.M; Mourão, J.L; Outor-Monteiro, DConference ObjectOpen Access
2011The effect of replacing inorganic trace minerals with selenium yeast and organic mineral chelates on broiler performance and carcass qualityTavares, T; Mourão, J.L; Kay, Z; Spring, P; Vieira, J; Gomes, A; Vieira-Pinto, MConference ObjectOpen Access
2017The effect of weekly low frequency exercise on body composition and blood pressure of elderly womenRosa, Claudio; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Neves, E.B.; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Reckziegel, M.B.; Pohl, H.H.; Zanini, D.; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro DosArticleOpen Access
9-Feb-2018The effects of a reaction time and eye-hand coordination training in youth playersCarvalho, Márcio André AraújoMaster ThesisOpen Access
20-Dec-2018The effects of differential learning approach on technical skills in youth soccer playersSilva, Joana Alves daMaster ThesisOpen Access
12-Jun-2019The effects of readers theatre on the oral reading fluency of grade-six portuguese-speaking efl learnersWelch, Graça Maria de Oliveira SimõesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
29-Aug-2014The equine caecum-colon environment: influence of energy and nitrogen on microbial yieldSantos, Ana Sofia GonçalvesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2015The first edition of the ars minor of Manuel Álvares' De institvtione grammatica libri tres (Lisbon, 1573)Kemmler, RolfArticleOpen Access
2015The first known grammar of the (Kahenda-Mbaka) Kimbundu (Lisbon 1697) and Álvares’ Ars Minor (Lisbon 1573)Fernandes, GonçaloArticleOpen Access
2016The first list of Malayalam words at the end of 15th century by a Portuguese seaman / A primeira lista de palavras do malaiala escrito por um marinheiro português no final do século XVFernandes, GonçaloArticleOpen Access
1-Jun-2019The first Portuguese-Chinese dictionary: contributions to the discussion of the context of production and authorshipAssunção, Carlos Da Costa; Neto, Sílvio; Fernandes, Manuel Gonçalo SáArticleOpen Access
2015The Functional Test for Agility Performance is a Reliable Quick Decision-Making Test for Skilled Water Polo Players.Tucher G; de Souza Castro FA; da Silva AJ; Garrido NDArticleOpen Access