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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2014Serum total and bone alkaline phosphatase levels and their correlation with serum minerals over the lifespan of sheepSousa, Cristina P.; Azevedo, Jorge T.; Silva, Amélia M.; Viegas, Carlos A.; Reis, Rui L.; Gomes, Manuela E.; Dias, Isabel R.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Sheep and Goat Production in Portugal: A Dynamic ViewTiberio, Manuel Luís; Diniz, FranciscoArticleRestricted Access
2013Shoulder Rotator Cuff Balance, Strength, and Endurance in Young Swimmers During a Competitive SeasonBatalha, Nuno M.; Raimundo, Armando M.; Tomas-Carus, Pablo; Barbosa, Tiago M; Silva, António JArticleRestricted Access
2012Shoulder rotator isokinetic strength profile in young swimmers | Perfil de força isocinética dos rotadores dos ombros em jovens nadadoresBatalha, N.M.P.; Raimundo, A.M.M.; Tomas-Carus, P.; Fernandes, O.J.S.M.; Marinho, D.A.; da Silva, A.J.R.M.ArticleRestricted Access
2013A single intraperitoneal injection of different doses of ketamine did not induced acute hepatic injury in adult mice.Ribeiro, Patrícia; Rodrigues, Paula; Antunes, LuísConference ObjectRestricted Access
2013A single intraperitoneal injection of ketamine does not affect spatial working and reference memory neither neurodegeneration in adult miceRibeiro, Patrícia; Rodrigues, Paula; Valentim, Ana; Antunes, LuísArticleRestricted Access
2010Sistemas de Registo e de Análise dos Jogos de RâguebiVAZ, L.ArticleRestricted Access
2005A site model for Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica) stands using a dynamic algebraic difference equationCarvalho, J; Parresol, BArticleRestricted Access
17-Dec-2018Síntese, caraterização espetroscópica de novos corantes esquarílicos e avaliação in vitro do seu potencial fototerapêuticoLima, Eurico Emanuel Avelar de Serpa VieiraMaster ThesisRestricted Access
26-Feb-2018Síntese, caraterização espetroscópica de novos corantes esquarílicos e sua avaliação como sondas fluorescentes para deteção de proteínasPacheco, Marlene Lurdes Ferreira MendesMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2011Skeletal muscle strength in older adults. Angiotensinconverting enzyme (ACE) genotype affects: an UPDATEAna Pereira; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Aldo Manuel Costa; Estela Bastos; Mário C. MarquesArticleRestricted Access
2007Slow component of VO2 during level and uphill treadmill running: relationship to aerobic fitness in endurance runners.VIctor Machado Reis; Laura Guidetti; José A. Duarte; António Ascensão; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; António Jaime da Eira Sampaio; A. P. Russel; Carlo BaldariArticleRestricted Access
2012Social networks, microblogging, virtual worlds, and Web 2.0 in the teaching of programing techniques for software engineering: a trial combining collaboration and social interaction beyond collegeMorgado, Leonel; Fonseca, Benjamim; Martins, Paulo; Paredes, Hugo; Cruz, Gonçalo; Maia, Ana Margarida; Nunes, Ricardo; Santos, ArnaldoArticleRestricted Access
2015Some further notes on the matrix equations ATXB+BTXTA = C and ATXB+BTXA =CSoares, GraçaArticleRestricted Access
27-Sep-2018Speciation and periodic restricted environments. The case of genus Ononis L. (subsections Natrix and Viscosae)Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Rocha, J.; Costa, C.; Costa, G.; Ramírez-Rodríguez, R.; Amich, F.; Carnide, Valdemar Pedrosa; Crespí, A. L.ArticleRestricted Access
2017Spontaneous variation regarding grape berry skin color: A comprehensive study of berry development by means of biochemical and molecular markersFerreira, Vanessa; Fernandes, Fátima; Carrasco, David; Hernandez, Marivel Gonzalez; Pinto-Carnide, Olinda; Arroyo-García, Rosa; Andrade, Paula; Valentão, Patrícia; Falco, Virgílio; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleRestricted Access
2011Stability of elite freestyle performance from childhood to adulthoodCosta, Mário J.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Bragada, José A.; Silva, António J.; Barbosa, Tiago M.ArticleRestricted Access
2011Stability of elite freestyle performance from childhood to adulthoodCosta, Mário J; Marinho, Daniel A; Bragada, José A.; Silva, António J; Barbosa, Tiago MArticleRestricted Access
2010Stability of Patterns of Behavior in the Butterfly Technique of The Elite SwimmersHugo Louro; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Teresa Anguera; Daniel Almeida Marinho; Conceição Oliveira; Ana Conceição; Jorge CampaniçoArticleRestricted Access
2004Steady non-Newtonian flow past a circular cylinder: a numerical studyChhabra, R. P.; Soares, A. A.; Ferreira, J. M.ArticleRestricted Access