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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2012Observação do comportamento pedagógico do treinador de natação. Influência da experiência: Observación del comportamiento pedagógico del entrenador de natación. Influencia de la experienciaTelmo, Matos; João, Freitas; Ana Conceição; Ana, Amâncio; Silva, António José Rocha Martins da; José, Rodrigues; Hugo LouroArticleRestricted Access
2013Observation and technical characterization in swimming: 200 M BreaststrokeConceição, A.; Silva, A.; Barbosa, T.M.; Louro, H.ArticleRestricted Access
1984The occurence of malolactic fermentation and diacetyl content of dry table wines from northeastern of Portugal.Mascarenhas, ArleteConference ObjectRestricted Access
2006Oestrogen receptors in a case of hydrometra in a bitchPayan-Carreira, R.; Pina, J.; Costa, M.; Seixas, F.; Pires, M.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2006Oestrogen receptors in a case of hydrometra in a bitchPayan-Carreira, R.; Pina, J.; Costa, M.; Seixas, F.; Pires, M.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2012Olive - Colletotrichum acutatum: an example of fruit-fungal InteractionGomes, Sónia; Prieto, Pilar; Carvalho, Teresa; Guedes-Pinto, Henrique; Martins-Lopes, PaulaBook ChapterRestricted Access
2012Olive Oil Traceability through DNA MarkersMartins-Lopes, Paula; Gomes, SóniaBook ChapterRestricted Access
2012Olive tree genetic resources characterization through molecular markersGomes, Sónia; Martins-Lopes, Paula; Guedes-Pinto, HenriqueBook ChapterRestricted Access
13-Feb-2019On k-Pell hybrid numbersCatarino, PaulaArticleRestricted Access
2016On the C-determinantal range for special classes of matricesGuterman, Alexander; Lemos, Rute; Soares, GraçaArticleRestricted Access
Jul-2015On the convergence of a predictor-corrector variant algorithmAlmeida, Regina; Teixeira, Ana PaulaArticleRestricted Access
2015On the representation of thermodynamic processesAnacleto, Joaquim; FERREIRA, J. M.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Online-Gym: Multiuser Virtual Gymnasium Using RINIONS and Multiple Kinect DevicesCassola, Fernando; Paredes, Hugo; Fonseca, Benjamim; Martins, Paulo; Ala, Silvia; Cardoso, Francisco; de Carvalho, Fausto; Morgado, LeonelConference ObjectRestricted Access
2015Operationalizing and measuring individual entrepreneurial orientation using cognitive mapping and MCDA techniquesFerreira, Fernando A.F.; Marques, Carla S.E.; Bento, Paulo; Ferreira, João J.M.; Jalali, Marjan S.ArticleRestricted Access
2015Operations Research on Hospital Admission Systems: a first overview of the 2005-2014 decadeTeixeira, Ana Paula; De Oliveira, Mário JorgeArticleRestricted Access
2010Optimization of Cationic SLN for Gene DeliveryDoktorovova, S.; Silva, Amélia M.; Lopes, Carla M.; Martins-Lopes, Paula; Souto, Eliana B.Conference ObjectRestricted Access
2010Optimization of honey-must preparation and alcoholic fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae for mead productionMendes-Ferreira, Ana; Cosme, F.; Barbosa, C.; Falco, V.; Inês, A.; Mendes-Faia, ArleteArticleRestricted Access
2012ospadias in a male (78,XY; SRY-positive) dog and sex reversal female (78,XX; SRY-negative) dogs: clinical, histological and genetic studiesSwitonski, M.; Payan-Carreira, R.; Bartz, M.; Nowacka-Woszuk, J.; Szczerbal, I.; Colaço, B.; Pires, M.A.; Ochota, M.; Nizanski, WArticleRestricted Access
2013Overall aspects for the evaluation of Portuguese dwellings’ quality and sustainabilityJoão Júlio; Anabela Paiva; Caroline DominguezArticleRestricted Access
2005Património Geológico Transfronteiriço na região do Douro: RoteirosGomes, M. E. P.; Alencoão, Ana M.P.BookRestricted Access