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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2012Tarefas alternativas para o ensino e aperfeiçoamento das partidas e das viragens em nataçãoMário J. Costa; Marinho, Daniel Almeida; Silva, António José Rocha Martins da; T.M. Queirós; Barbosa, TiagoArticleRestricted Access
2011Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase as a biomarker of bone turnover in dogSousa, C. P.; Nery, F.; Azevedo, J. T.; Viegas, C. A.; Gomes, M. E.; Dias, I. R.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Temporal changes in neutral endopeptidase/CD10 immunoexpression in the cyclic and early pregnant canine endometriumPayan-Carreira, R; Santos, C.; Miranda, S.; Pereira, R.M.L.N.; Santos, D.; Pires, M.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2016The academic background of gerontologists and client satisfaction in long-term residential care for older personsFalcão, Ana; Pereira, Fernando; Pimentel, Helena; Teixeira, Cristina; Rodrigues, V.ArticleRestricted Access
2014The biomaterial-mediated healing of critical size bone defects in the ovariectomized ratDurão, S. F.; Gomes, P. S.; Colaço, B. J.; Silva, J. C.; Fonseca, H. M.; Duarte, J. R.; Felino, A. C.; Fernandes, M. H.ArticleRestricted Access
2015The Douro Region: Wine and tourismRebelo, João Fernandes; Caldas, José Manuel Melo Vaz; Guedes, AlexandreArticleRestricted Access
2011The Effect 0f Warm-up on Tethered Front Crawl Swimming ForcesNeiva, Henrique; Morouço, Pedro; Silva, António J.; Marques, Mário C.; Marinho, Daniel A.ArticleRestricted Access
2015The effect of a physical literacy and differential learning program in motor, technical and tactical basketball skillsNuno Mateu; Sara Santos; VAZ, L.; Isabel Gomes; Leite, NunoArticleRestricted Access
2012The effect of depth on drag during the streamlined glide: A three-dimensional CFD analysisNovais, M.; Silva, A.; Mantha, V.R.; Ramos, R.J.; Rouboa, A.; Vilas-Boas, J. P.; Luís, S.; Marinho, D.ArticleRestricted Access
2009The effect of micro-oxygenation and cell immobilization on the reduction of excessive volatile acidity from winesVilela, Alice; Schuller, Dorit; Mendes-Faia, Arlete; Côrte-Real, ManuelaConference ObjectRestricted Access
2006The effect of swimmer's hand/forearm acceleration on propulsive forces generation using computational fluid dynamics.Abel Rouboa; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Luís Leal; Jorge Rocha; Francisco AlvesArticleRestricted Access
2012The effects of repeated oral gavage on the health of male CD-1 miceArantes-Rodrigues, R.; Henriques, A.; Pinto-Leite, R.; Faustino-Rocha, Ana Isabel; Pinho-Oliveira, J.; Teixeira-Guedes, C.; Seixas, F.; Gama, A.; Colaço, B.; Colaço, A.; Oliveira, P.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2014The effects of whole green tea infusion on mouse urinary bladder chemical carcinogenesis.Henriques A; Arantes-Rodrigues R; I Faustino-Rocha A; I Teixeira-Guedes C; Pinho-Oliveira J; Talhada D; H Teixeira J; Andrade A; Colaço B; N Paiva-Cardoso M; J Pires M; Mvd Ferreira A; M Nunes F; A Oliveira PArticleRestricted Access
2011The Hydrodynamic Study of the Swimming Gliding: a Two-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis.Daniel Almeida Marinho; Tiago Barbosa; Abel Rouboa; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins daArticleRestricted Access
2012The impact of internal and external market orientation on performance in local public organisationsRodrigues, Ana Paula; Pinho, José CarlosArticleRestricted Access
2011The importance of rugby game-related statistics to discriminate winners and losers at the elite level competitions in close and balanced gamesVaz, Luis; Mouchet, Alain; Carreras, David; Morente, HonoratoArticleRestricted Access
2013The influence of ACE ID and ACTN3 R577X polymorphisms on lower-extremity function in older women in response to high-speed power trainingPereira, Ana; Costa, Aldo M.; Leitão, José C; Monteiro, António M; Izquierdo, Mikel; Silva, António J; Bastos, Estela; Marques, Mário C.ArticleRestricted Access
2013The Influence of Anthropometric, Kinematic and Energetic Variables and Gender on Swimming Performance in Youth AthletesMorais, Jorge E; Garrido, Nuno D.; Marques, Mário C.; Silva, António J; Marinho, Daniel A; Barbosa, Tiago MArticleRestricted Access
Jun-2020The influence of innovation in tangible and intangible resource allocation: A qualitative multi case studySilva, Rui Jorge Rodrigues da; Oliveira, CidáliaArticleRestricted Access
2011The influence of musical cadence into aquatic jumping jacks kinematicsCosta, M.J.; Oliveira, C.; Teixeira, G.; Marinho, D.A.; Silva, A.J.; Barbosa, T.M.ArticleRestricted Access