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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
Dec-2018Never let me go de Kazuo Ishiguro, ou a síndrome moderna de FrankensteinReis, José Eduardo Pacheco BarreirosArticleOpen Access
2009New advances in Cat Mammary Tumours: Comparative Genomic Hybridization profiles in a case of tubulopapillary carcinomaBorges, A.; Santos, Sara; Adega, Filomena; Gärtner, Fátima; Guedes-Pinto, Henrique; Chaves, RaquelConference ObjectOpen Access
2005A new aluminum tolerance gene located on rye chromosome arm 7RSMatos, M.; Camacho, M. V.; Pérez-Flores, V.; Pernaute, B.; Pinto-Carnide, O.; Benito, C.ArticleRestricted Access
2015New Approaches for Hormonal Contraception in Female CatsBorges, Paulo; Fontbonne, Alain; Payan-Carreira, RitaBook ChapterRestricted Access
2012New challenges for the quality of librarian services deliveryCarvalho, Margarida; Dominguez, CarolineArticleRestricted Access
2017New developments on fibre optic colorimetrie sensors for dissolved CO2 in aquatic environmentsCoelho, L.; Pereira, Carlos; Mendes, João; Almeida, José Manuel Marques Martins De; Kovacs, B.; Balogh, K.; Borges, Teresa; Jorge, Pedro A. S.ArticleOpen Access
2015New families of Jacobsthal andJacobsthal-Lucas numbersCatarino, Paula; Vasco, Paulo; Campos, Helena; Aires, Ana Paula; Borges, AnabelaArticleOpen Access
2004New insights into Bovidae satellite III evolutionary historyAdega, Filomena; Chaves, Raquel; Heslop-Harrison, John S.; Wienberg, Johannes; Guedes-Pinto, HenriqueConference ObjectOpen Access
2014New Insights into Mycobacterium bovis Prevalence in Wild Mammals in PortugalMatos, A. C.; Figueira, L.; Martins, M. H.; Pinto, M. L.; Matos, M.; Coelho, A. C.ArticleRestricted Access
2016New insights on zoonotic and non-zoonotic mycobacteriosis in wild mammals in Portugal: epidemiological and histopathological aspectsMatos, Ana Cristina Outeiro Correia deDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
1998A new method to estimate fuel surface area-to-volume ratio using water immersionFernandes, Paulo; Rego, FranciscoArticleOpen Access
Apr-2015A new metric on spherical f-tilingsSantos, AltinoArticleRestricted Access
2014New records on the distribution of three rodent species in NE Portugal from barn owl (Tyto alba) diet analysisVale-Gonçalves, Hélia; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2016A New Rehabilitation Tool in Fibromyalgia: The Effects of Perceptive Rehabilitation on Pain and Function in a Clinical Randomized Controlled TrialPaolucci, Teresa; Baldari, Carlo; Di Franco, Manuela; Didona, Dario; Reis, Victor; Vetrano, Mario; Iosa, Marco; Trifoglio, Domenica; Zangrando, Federico; Spadini, Ennio; Saraceni, Vincenzo Maria; Guidetti, LauraArticleClosed Access
2013A new stochastic dynamic tool to improve the accuracy of mortalityBastos, Rita; Santos, Mário; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
20-May-2015New tissue-engineered matrix for periodontal regeneration based on a biodegradable material combined with canine adipose-derived stem cellsRequicha, João Filipe Martins FreireDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
12-May-2016A new tool for fibromyalgia rehabilitation treatment: efficacy on pain and physical function of perceptive rehabilitation versus group rehabilitation exercisePaolucci, TeresaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2014Next-generation sequencing and comparative analysis of Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax and Pyrrhocorax graculus (Passeriformes: Corvidae) mitochondrial genomes.Morinha, Francisco; Clemente, Carla; Cabral, João Alexandre; Lewicka, Magdalena M.; Travassos, Paulo; Carvalho, Diogo; Dávila, José A.; Santos, Mário; Blanco, Guillermo; Bastos, EstelaArticleClosed Access
2015Nickel accumulation by Alyssum serpyllifolium subsp. lusitanicum (Brassicaceae) from serpentine soils of Bragança and Morais (Portugal) ultramafic massifs: plant-soil relationships and prospects for phytominingMorais, I.; Campos, J. S.; Favas, P. J. C.; Pratas, J.; Pita, F.; Prasad, M. N. V.ArticleClosed Access
2009Nitrogen addition influences formation of aroma compounds, volatile acidity and ethanol in nitrogen deficient media fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae wine strainsBarbosa, Catarina; Falco, Virgilio; Mendes-Faia, Arlete; Mendes-Ferreira, AnaArticleRestricted Access