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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
Jan-2015k-Pell, k-Pell-Lucas and modified k-Pell numbers: some identities and norms of Hankel matricesVasco, Paulo; Catarino, Paula; Campos, Helena; Aires, Ana Paula; Borges, AnabelaArticleOpen Access
2019k-Pell, k-Pell–Lucas and modified k-Pell sedenionsCatarino, PaulaArticleRestricted Access
2009Kaposi-like vascular tumor of the urinary bladder in a cow.Pires, Isabel; Queiroga, Felisbina; Silva, Filipe; Pinto, Carlos; Lopes, CarlosArticleOpen Access
2008The karyotype and sex chromosomes of Praomys tullbergi (Muridae, Rodentia): A detailed characterizationMeles, Susana; Adega, Filomena; Guedes-Pinto, Henrique; Chaves, RaquelArticleOpen Access
4-Dec-2015Karyotype restructuring in Rodentia: from evolution to cancerPereira, Sandra Louzada GomesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
16-Oct-2014Ketamine and medetomidine effects on brain: behavioral, histopathological and electrophysiological studiesRibeiro, Patrícia do Céu OliveiraDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
22-Oct-2020Kinematic gait analysis in the recovery of thoracic spinal cord injured rats and peripheral nerve regeneration in sheepDiogo, Camila CardosoDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
2010Kinematical changes in swimming front Crawl and Breaststroke with the AquaTrainer® snorkelBarbosa, Tiago; Silva, António José Rocha Martins da; Reis, António Malvas; Costa, Mário J.; Garrido, Nuno; Policarpo, Fernando; Reis, Víctor MachadoArticleRestricted Access
2005Kinetics of diffusion-limited reactions with biased diffusion in percolating to compact substratesGonçalves, N.J.; Duarte, J.A.M.S.; Cadilhe, A.ArticleClosed Access
Sep-2017Knowledge sharing and (In)security: towards a comprehensive view of managerial aspectsLeal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Meirinhos, Galvão dos Santos; Loureiro, Marlene da Conceição Vasques; Silva, Rui Jorge Rodrigues daConference ObjectRestricted Access
2017Knowledge sharing and healthcare: a bibliometric analysisCruz, Maria Lopes da; Leal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos PeixeiraConference ObjectClosed Access
2017Knowledge sharing at the construction sector – facilitators and inhibitorsLeal, Carmem; Cunha, Sandra; Couto, IolandaArticleOpen Access
2017Knowledge, innovation, internationalisation and performance: insights from the Portuguese footwear industryMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Cardoso, Ana Rita; Leal, Carmem Teresa PereiraArticleClosed Access
22-Mar-2016Knowledge, innovation, internationalization, and performance in a traditional industryMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Leal, Carmem Teresa PereiraConference ObjectClosed Access
7-Jul-2015L'homme sort faisant fils et il n'est pas là: genre, responsabilités parentales et protection sociale dans le Nord-Est brésilienSacramento, Octavio José Rio doConference ObjectOpen Access
2014“La antropologización del turismo y la turistificación de la antropología”Santana, Agustín; Pereiro, Xerardo; Hernández, JavierConference ObjectOpen Access
2012La concepción del patrimonio etnoantropológico en Galicia: visiones legales y prácticas institucionalesPereiro, XerardoArticleOpen Access
2007La construcción imaginaria del lugar turístico: Kuna YalaPereiro, Xerardo; De León, CebaldoArticleOpen Access
2010La généalogie de la pensée d'Agostinho da SilvaReis, José EduardoArticleOpen Access
20-Aug-2019La lengua del Arte da lingua de Cafre (Mozambique, ca. 1745 [ca. 1680])Fernandes, GonçaloBook ChapterOpen Access