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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
1999The w/w+ SMART assay of Drosophila melanogaster detects the genotoxic effects of reactive oxygen species inducing compoundsGaivão, Isabel; Sierra, L.Maria; Comendador, Miguel AArticleRestricted Access
1996The w/w+ somatic mutation and recombination test (SMART) of Drosophila melanogaster for detecting reactive oxygen species: characterization of 6 strainsGAIVAO, I.; COMENDADOR, M.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Wastewater and greywater reuse on irrigation in centralized and decentralized systems — An integrated approach on water quality, energy consumption and CO2 emissionsMatos, C.; Pereira, S.; Amorim, E.V.; Bentes, I.; Briga-Sá, A.ArticleRestricted Access
2012Water Use Strategies of Plants Under Drought Conditions.Bacelar, Eunice; Moutinho-Pereira, José; Gonçalves, Berta; Brito, Cátia; Gomes-Laranjo, José; Ferreira, Helena; Correia, CarlosBook ChapterOpen Access
6-Feb-2017Wearable devices for blind orientation and navigationFernandes, Luís Miguel AlvesMaster ThesisOpen Access
2010Weathering and hydrochemistry associated with the old mine workings at Fonte Santa (NE of Portugal)Gomes, M.E.P.; Antunes, I.M.H.R.; Silva, P.B.; Neiva, A.M.R.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealConference ObjectOpen Access
2002Weathering and weathering rates on Madeira islandVan der Weijden, C. H.; Pacheco, Fernando António Leal; Loch, J.P.G.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2012Weathering of plagioclase across variable flow and solute transport regimesPacheco, Fernando A.L.; Van der Weijden, Cornelis H.ArticleOpen Access
2008Weathering rates: a hydrological approachPacheco, Fernando António Leal; Van der Weijden, C. H.Conference ObjectOpen Access
1999Weathering, biomass production and groundwater chemistry in an area of dominant anthropogenic influence, the Chaves-Vila Pouca de Aguiar region, north of PortugalPacheco, F. A. L.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Van der Weijden, A. J.; Van der Weijden, C. H.ArticleOpen Access
1-Dec-2015A Web 2.0 na comunicação política: usos e gratificações dos websites dos partidos políticos portuguesesSousa, Carla Sofia Barreira deMaster ThesisOpen Access
29-Sep-2021Web Accessibility in Mobile Applications of Education Sector: The accessibility evaluation of mobile apps of higher education sector in PortugalLiren SuMaster ThesisOpen Access
2017Web information for food operators: is it enough to comply with the food safety and public heath policy?Díez, J. G.; Moura, D.; Nascimento, M. M.; Saraiva, C.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Web-based peer assessment: a case study with civil engineering studentsGonçalo Cruz; Caroline Dominguez; Ana Maia; Daniela Pedrosa; Gordon GramsArticleRestricted Access
18-Jul-2018WebSIG arqueológico da Pré-História recente da Região de TomarCardoso, Francisco José da SilvaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2010Website effectiveness in wellness promotion by portuguese spasJoukes, Veronique Nelly Paul Marie; Gerry, ChristopherArticleOpen Access
Sep-2017Website evaluation of lodging facilities along the inner Saint James’ Pilgrim Way (North Portugal)Joukes, Veronika; Rodrigues, Ana Paula; Vieira, Isabel; Cantante, Ana; Marques, Carlos PeixeiraConference ObjectOpen Access
5-Nov-2019Welfare of poultry: assessment of welfare indicators along the food chainSaraiva, Sónia da Conceição TeixeiraDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
2015Western European Wild and Landraces Hazelnuts Evaluated by SSR MarkersMartins, Sandra; Simões, Fernanda; Mendonça, Diogo; Matos, José; Silva, Ana Paula; Carnide, ValdemarArticleOpen Access
Nov-2018What a wonderful world: Portugal in the international posters competitionNascimento, Maria Manuel Da Silva; Martins, José Alexandre V.; Estrada, AssumptaBook ChapterEmbargo Access