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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
Dec-2020Book review of "Images of immigrants and refugees in Western Europe. Media representations, public opinion, and refugees experiences"Ribeiro, FábioArticleOpen Access
Jul-2020Farming economy in function of the land area: the case of Douro winegrowing systemsCosta, Ana Alexandra Vilela Marta RioConference ObjectOpen Access
2020Contributions of Cognitive Grammar to the history of the concept of meaningAssunção, Carlos da Costa; Araújo, Carla; Ribeiro, FábioArticleOpen Access
Nov-2020European integration and its effects on population in border and peripheral regionsGouveia, Sofia Helena Cerqueira de; Correia, Leonida Amaral Tomas; Martins, Patricia Sofia FigueiredoArticleOpen Access
2020Chitosan Application in Vineyards (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Tinto Cão) Induces Accumulation of Anthocyanins and Other Phenolics in Berries, Mediated by Modifications in the Transcription of Secondary Metabolism GenesSingh, Rupesh Kumar; Martins, Viviana; Soares, Bruno; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira de; Falco, VirgílioArticleOpen Access
Nov-2020Unramified covers and branes on the Hitchin systemFranco, Emilio; Gothen, Peter; Oliveira, Andre Gama; Peon-Nieto, AnaArticleOpen Access
2020Iberian Peninsula cowpea diversity: chloroplast, microsatellite and morpho-agronomic variabilityMonteiro, Eliana; Castro, Isaura; Carvalho, Márcia; Martín, Juan Pedro; Rosa, Eduardo; Carnide, ValdemarArticleOpen Access
2020Root and Agro-Morphological Traits Performance in Cowpea under Drought StressSantos, Ricardo; Carvalho, Márcia; Rosa, Eduardo; Carnide, Valdemar; Castro, IsauraArticleOpen Access
Nov-2020Diários de viagem duma portuense – Diário 2: Turiperegrinação a Lourdes (1958)Santana, Maria Olinda RodriguesBookOpen Access
2008Book Review :An interdisciplinary approach to implementing competency-based education in higher education, by Barbara Goodman, Darren Henderson, and Eileen Stenzel.Koehnen, Timothy LeonardArticleOpen Access
1994Portuguese secondary agricultural schools in transitionKoehnen, Timothy Leonard-Open Access
1999O boom no investimento em estufas na região de trás-os-montes e alto douro, 1990-95: o perfil do "novo" empresário agrícolaGerry, Christopher; Caldas, José Manuel Melo Vaz; Koehnen, Timothy LeonardArticleOpen Access
2020Portuguese public higher education institutions investment in low density regions — case studyCarvalho, Maria Teresa Couceiro da Costa ...; Diniz, FranciscoArticleRestricted Access
Jun-2017Wine tourism apps: content and functionality analysis of the apps in North Portugal wine regionsDimitrovski, Darko; Rachão, Susana; Joukes, Veronique Nelly Paul Marie; Tibério, Manuel LuisConference ObjectOpen Access
Dec-1994Training and extension education for IPM in PortugalKoehnen, Timothy LeonardConference ObjectOpen Access
Sep-2010Technical worker’s participation in the cvet and company competitivenessFigueira, Eduardo; Koehnen, Timothy Leonard; Rosa, Vítor; Cordeiro, Ana; Fragoso, António; Amaro, Rogério; Ribeiro, Filipe; Tomé, Lidia; Aldeia, MónicaConference ObjectOpen Access
Jun-2001Tale of two systems (the CES and rural extension in Portugal); "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."Koehnen, Timothy LeonardConference ObjectOpen Access
2013What are the possible training methods and materials for new entry farmers and the innovative agricultural activities and management themes? a preliminary study-Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013What are appropriate training materials for new entry farmers?Koehnen, Timothy Leonard; Baptista, Alberto; Loureiro, Armando Paulo FerreiraConference ObjectOpen Access
2020Diários de viagem duma portuense Diário 1: Turiperegrinações a Fátima (1938-1973)Santana, Maria Olinda RodriguesBookOpen Access