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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2016Biogeochemistry of uranium in the soil-plant and water-plant systems in an old uranium mineFavas, Paulo J.C.; Pratas, João; Mitra, Soumita; Sarkar, Santosh Kumar; Venkatachalam, PerumalArticleClosed Access
2009Bioimplantable impedance and temperature monitor low power micro-system suitable for estrus detectionMiranda, N.; Morais, Raul; Dias, Maria Isabel R.; Viegas, Carlos A.; Silva, F.; Serôdio, C.; Almeida, José Carlos; Azevedo, Jorge Manuel Teixeira de; Reis, M.C.ArticleOpen Access
2005A biologically relevant habitat condition index for streams in northern PortugalOliveira, S.V.; Cortes, R.M.V.ArticleOpen Access
2014Biomonitoring of heavy metals (Cd, Hg, and Pb) and metalloid (As) with the Portuguese common buzzard (Buteo buteo)Carneiro, Manuela; Colaço, Bruno; Brandão, Ricardo; Ferreira, Carla; Santos, Nuno; Soeiro, Vanessa; Colaço, Aura; Pires, Maria João; Oliveira, Paula A.; Lavín, SantiagoArticleRestricted Access
2009Biomotricity Roundtable – Consumo máximo de oxigênioAzevedo PM; Araújo CG; Caputo F; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado de Ribeiro dosArticleClosed Access
2017Bioremoval of trace metals from rhizosediment by mangrove plants in Indian Sundarban WetlandChowdhury, Ranju; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Jonathan, M.P.; Venkatachalam, Perumal; Raja, P.; Sarkar, Santosh KumarArticleClosed Access
2014Bisphosphonates induce the osteogenic gene expression in co-cultured human endothelial and mesenchymal stem cellsRibeiro, V.; Garcia, M.; Oliveira, R.; Gomes, P.S.; Colaço, B.; Fernandes, M.H.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Bladder cancer-induced skeletal muscle wasting: Disclosing the role of mitochondria plasticityPadrão, A.I.; Oliveira, P.; Vitorino, R.; Colaço, B.; Pires, M.J.; Márquez, M.; Castellanos, E.; Neuparth, M.J.; Teixeira, C.; Costa, C.; Moreira-Gonçalves, D.; Cabral, S.; Duarte, J.A.; Santos, L.L.; Amado, F.; Ferreira, R.ArticleRestricted Access
2017Bone turnover markers in sheep and goat: A review of the scientific literatureCamassa, J. A.; Diogo, C. C.; Sousa, C. P.; Azevedo, J. T.; Viegas, C. A.; Reis, R. L.; Dourado, N.; Dias, I. R.ArticleOpen Access
2008Book Review :An interdisciplinary approach to implementing competency-based education in higher education, by Barbara Goodman, Darren Henderson, and Eileen Stenzel.Koehnen, Timothy LeonardArticleOpen Access
Dec-2020Book review of "Images of immigrants and refugees in Western Europe. Media representations, public opinion, and refugees experiences"Ribeiro, FábioArticleOpen Access
2021Book review “Sound streams: a cultural history of radio-internet convergence”, Andrew J. Bottomley (2020)Ribeiro, FábioArticleEmbargo Access
2011book review, “Decentralization, Forests and Rural Communities: Policy Outcomes in South and Southeast Asia”Koehnen, Timothy LeonardArticleRestricted Access
2011book review, “ICTs for Agricultural Extension Global Experiments, Innovations and Experiences”Koehnen, Timothy LeonardArticleRestricted Access
1999O boom no investimento em estufas na região de trás-os-montes e alto douro, 1990-95: o perfil do "novo" empresário agrícolaGerry, Christopher; Caldas, José Manuel Melo Vaz; Koehnen, Timothy LeonardArticleOpen Access
2000Borges and Schopenhauer or the world as ethical will and aesthetical representationReis, José EduardoArticleOpen Access
2000Borges and Schopenhauer or the world as ethical will and aesthetical representationReis, José Eduardo Pacheco Mil Homens Bar...ArticleOpen Access
2011Boron application on a chestnut orchard: effect on yield and quality of nutsPortela, Ester; Louzada, JoséArticleOpen Access
Jul-2021Boundaries of Distance. Local Media Relevance for Citizens: Measuring Consumption, Digital Extensions and Information LevelsRibeiro, Fábio; Bonixe, LuísArticleOpen Access
2017Breaking the habit: engineering students' understanding of mathematical creativityPaula Catarino; Maria M. Nascimento; Eva Morais; Helena Campos; Paulo VascoArticleOpen Access