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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2015História da sericicultura em Portugal. Origem e utilização atual dos bichos-da-seda e da seda.Azevedo, J; Mascarenhas, M. A. D.; Mascarenhas, A.ArticleOpen Access
2016How can we prepare future engineers to the labour market ? A University-Business Cooperation project using Context and Problem-Based Learning approachesDominguez, CarolineArticleOpen Access
2013How do hydrological and climatic conditions influence the diversity andCarvalho, Diogo; Horta, Pedro; Raposeira, Helena; Santos, Mário; Luís, António; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2018How good are the ecological assumptions and predictions made in the past? Insights from a dynamic modelling approach applied to changing landscapesSantos, Mario Gabriel Santiago Dos; Silva, Sara; Bastos, Rita; Carvalho, Diogo; Cabral, João Alexandre Ferreira Abel Dos ...ArticleOpen Access
2012How informative are the vertical buoyancy and the prone gliding tests to assess young swimmers' hydrostatic and hydrodynamic profiles?Barbosa, T.M.; Costa, M.J.; Morais, J.E.; Moreira, M.; Silva, A.J.; Marinho, D.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2018How informative is the response of Ground Beetles' (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages to anthropogenic land use changes? Insights for ecological status assessments from a case study in the NeotropicsCajaiba, Reinaldo Lucas; Périco, Eduardo; Silva, Wully Barreto da; Vieira, Thiago Bernadi; Dalzochio, Marina Schmidt; Bastos, Rita; Cabral, João Alexandre Ferreira Abel Dos ...; Santos, Mario Gabriel Santiago DosArticleOpen Access
2009Huffmanela sp. (Nematoda: Trichosomoididae) muscular parasite from Trisopterus luscus captured off the portuguese coastEsteves, A.; Seixas, F.; Carvalho, S.; Nazário, N.; Mendes, M.; Martins, C.ArticleOpen Access
2013Hydraulic diffusivity and macrodispersivity calculations embedded in a geographic information systemPacheco, F. A.L.ArticleClosed Access
2011Hydrochemistry of superficial waters in the Adoria mine area (Northern Portugal): environmental implicationsFavas, Paulo J. C.; Pratas, João; Gomes, M. Elisa P.ArticleRestricted Access
2011Hydrochemistry of superficial waters in the Adoria mine area (Northern Portugal): environmental implicationsFavas, Paulo J. C.; Pratas, João; Gomes, M. Elisa P.ArticleRestricted Access
2003Hydrochemistry, weathering and weathering rates on Madeira islandVan der Weijden, Cornelis H; Pacheco, Fernando A.LArticleOpen Access
2015Hydrodynamic Analysis of Different Finger Positions in Swimming: A Computational Fluid Dynamics ApproachSilva, António José Rocha Martins da; Vilas-Boas, J.P.; Ramos, R.J.; Fernandes, R.J.; Rouboa, A.I.; Machado, L.; Barbosa, T.M.; Marinho, D.A.ArticleOpen Access
2009Hydrodynamic analysis of different thumb positions in swimmingDaniel Almeida Marinho; Abel Rouboa; Francisco Alves; João Paulo Vilas-Boas; Leandro Machado; VIctor Machado Reis; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins daArticleRestricted Access
2003Hydrodynamic behaviour of an ensemble of encapsulated liquid drops in creeping motion: a fluid-mechanic based model for liquid membranesFerreira, J. M.; Soares, A. A.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleRestricted Access
2008Hydrodynamic drag during the gliding in swimming.Daniel Almeida Marinho; VIctor Machado Reis; Alves, Francisco Bessone; João Paulo Vilas-Boas; Leandro Machado; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Abel RouboaArticleRestricted Access
2015Hydrodynamic profile of young swimmers: changes over a competitive seasonSilva, António José Rocha Martins da; Barbosa, Tiago; Morais, Jorge; Marinho, Daniel; Kee, Y.H.ArticleOpen Access
2004Hydrodynamics and water quality modelling in a regulated river segment: Application on the instream flow definitionLopes, L.F.G.; Do Carmo, J.S.A.; Cortes, R.M.V.; Oliveira, D.ArticleOpen Access
2006Hydrogeochemistry in the Vouga River basin (central Portugal): Pollution and chemical weatheringVan der Weijden, Cornelis H.; Pacheco, Fernando A.L.ArticleOpen Access
2013Hyperadrenocorticism in dogs with clinical manifestations.Ferreiro, L.; Machado, J.; Faustino-Rocha, Ana sabel; Talhada, D.; Pires, M.J.; Colaco, B.; Ginja, M.; Sargo, T.; Oliveira, P.ArticleRestricted Access
2012Hypospadias in a male (78,XY; SRY -Positive) dog and sex reversal female (78,XX; SRY -Negative) dogs: Clinical, histological and genetic studiesSwitonski, M.; Payan-Carreira, R.; Bartz, M.; Nowacka-Woszuk, J.; Szczerbal, I.; Colaço, B.; Pires, M.A.; Ochota, M.; Nizanski, W.ArticleRestricted Access