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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2019Gamification in management Education: A systematic literature reviewSilva, Rui Jorge Rodrigues da; Rodrigues, Ricardo Gouveia; Leal, Carmem Teresa PereiraArticleRestricted Access
1996Ganho médio diário de peso de borregos inteiros, de escroto curto e castrados e crescimento testicular de borregos inteiros da raça Churra Galega BragançanaValentim, Ramiro; Azevedo, Jorge Manuel Teixeira de; Teixeira, A.; Correia, Teresa M.; Soares, VeraArticleOpen Access
2017Gender inequalities in Portuguese gymnasts between 2012 and 2016Silva, M.-R.G.; Santos-Rocha, R.; Barata, P.; Saavedra, Francisco José FélixArticleOpen Access
2003The Gender of Utopia and The Mode of UtopianismReis, José EduardoArticleOpen Access
Nov-2018Gender, knowledge and motivation for wine purchasingMarques, Carlos Peixeira; Guia, Ana Teresa BernardoArticleOpen Access
2007A genealogia do pensamento utopista de Agostinho da SilvaReis, José EduardoArticleOpen Access
2019Generalized fibonacci and k-Pell matrix sequencesWani, Arfat Ahmad; Badshah, V. H.; Rathore, G. P. S.; Catarino, Paula Maria Machado CruzArticleOpen Access
Feb-2016Generalized Growth Orders for Polymonogenic Functions and Related InequalitiesDe Almeida, Regina; Kraußhar, R.S.ArticleRestricted Access
9-Dec-2019Genetic analysis of a white-to-red berry skin color reversion and its transcriptomic and metabolic consequences in grapevine (Vitis vinifera cv. ‘Moscatel Galego’)Ferreira, Vanessa; Matus, José Tomás; Carnide, Olinda Pinto; Carrasco, David; Arroyo-García, Rosa; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleOpen Access
2010Genetic analysis of two Portuguese populations of Ruditapes decussatus by RAPD profilingPereira, Jorge C.; Chaves, Raquel; Leitão, Alexandra; Matias, Domitilia; Guedes-Pinto, HenriqueArticleOpen Access
2010Genetic differences between wild and hatchery populations ofDiplodus sargus andD. vulgaris inferred from RAPD markers: implications for production and restocking programs designPereira, Jorge C.; Lino, P. G.; Leitão, A.; Joaquim, S.; Chaves, Raquel; Pousão-Ferreira, P.; Guedes-Pinto, Henrique; Santos, M. Neves dosArticleOpen Access
2018Genetic diversity and core collection of Malus  ×  domestica in northwestern Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands by SSRsPereira-Lorenzo, Santiago; Ramos-Cabrer, Ana María; Ferreira, Vanessa; Díaz-Hernández, María Belén; Carnide, Valdemar Pedrosa; Pinto-Carnide, Olinda; Rodrigues, Raúl; Velázquez-Barrera, María Encarnación; Rios-Mesa, Domingo; Ascasíbar-Errasti, Javier; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleRestricted Access
2017Genetic diversity and structure of Iberian Peninsula cowpeas compared to world-wide cowpea accessions using high density SNP markersCarvalho, Márcia; Muñoz-Amatriaín, María; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Matos, Manuela; Egea-Cortines, Marcos; Rosa, Eduardo; Close, Timothy; Carnide, ValdemarArticleOpen Access
2015Genetic diversity of portuguese autochthonous apple cultivarsFerreira, V.; Pinto-Carnide, O.; Pereira, F.; Rodrigues, R.; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleRestricted Access
2015Genetic diversity of portuguese autochthonous apple cultivarsFerreira, V.; Carnide, O. Pinto; Pereira, F.; Rodrigues, R.; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleOpen Access
2009Genetic diversity of two Portuguese populations of the pullet carpet shell Venerupis senegalensis, based on RAPD markers: contribution to a sustainable restocking programJoaquim, Sandra; Pereira, Jorge C.; Leitão, Alexandra; Matias, Domitília; Chaves, Raquel; Guedes-Pinto, Henrique; Chícharo, Luís; Gaspar, MiguelArticleOpen Access
2006Genetic evidence for limited introgression between wild and stocked individuals in Portuguese brown trout, Salmo trutta populationsSantos, N.P.; Fontaínhas-Fernandes, A.A.; Faria, R.; Torres-Castro, L.F.; Anjos, M.R.; Cortes, R.M.V.; Alexandrino, P.ArticleOpen Access
2012Genetic Inheritance Effects on Endurance and Muscle StrengthCosta, Aldo M.; Breitenfeld, Luiza; Silva, António J.; Pereira, Ana; Izquierdo, Mikel; Marques, Mário C.ArticleRestricted Access
2005Genetic Parameter Estimates of Portuguese Dairy Cows for Milk, Fat, and Protein Using a Spline Test-Day ModelSilvestre, A.M.; Petim-Batista, F.; Colaço, J.ArticleOpen Access
2016Genetic pool structure of local apple cultivars from Portugal assessed by microsatellitesFerreira, V.; Ramos-Cabrer, A. M.; Carnide, Valdemar Pedrosa; Pinto-Carnide, O.; Assunção, A.; Marreiros, A.; Rodrigues, R.; Pereira-Lorenzo, S.; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleRestricted Access