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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2015Take this waltz on creativity: the engineering students' conceptionsCatarino, Paula; Nascimento, Maria Manuel; Morais, Eva; Silva, Helena; Payan-Carreira, RitaConference ObjectOpen Access
10-Sep-2014Tartaric stabilization of a Reserve Ruby Port Wine by cold and electrodialysis processes: Effect on chemical and sensory characteristicsJorge, Nuno; Vilela, Alice; Braga, António; M. Nunes, Fernando; Cosme, FernandaConference ObjectOpen Access
6-Nov-2018Tartrate stabilisation of rosé wine using ion exchange resins: Impact on wine sensory characteristicsBorges, Rita; Fernandes, Conceição; Marques, Celeste; Matos, Carlos; Vilela, Alice Maria Correia; Ribeiro, L. Filipe; Nunes, Fernando Hermínio Ferreira Milheiro; Martins, Maria Fernanda Gil CosmeConference ObjectOpen Access
2009Telomeric repeats (TTAGGG)n as footprints of evolutionary chromosome rearrangementsMeles, Susana; Adega, Filomena; Guedes-Pinto, Henrique; Chaves, RaquelConference ObjectOpen Access
2010Tendências Mineralógicas de Alteração da Plagioclase ao Longo de Zonas de FracturaPacheco, Fernando António Leal; Van der Weijden, C. H.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2009The effect of micro-oxygenation and cell immobilization on the reduction of excessive volatile acidity from winesVilela, Alice; Schuller, Dorit; Mendes-Faia, Arlete; Côrte-Real, ManuelaConference ObjectRestricted Access
2008The effect of olive leaves supplementation on the growth performances, oxidative stability and quality of pork meatPaiva-Martins, F; Barbosa, S; Pinheiro, V.M; Mourão, J.L; Outor-Monteiro, DConference ObjectOpen Access
2011The effect of replacing inorganic trace minerals with selenium yeast and organic mineral chelates on broiler performance and carcass qualityTavares, T; Mourão, J.L; Kay, Z; Spring, P; Vieira, J; Gomes, A; Vieira-Pinto, MConference ObjectOpen Access
Mar-2018The future of the EU Cohesion policy and the Europe 2020 strategy: from a place-based approach to a blind territorial logic?Bento, Ricardo Jorge E Silva; Ramos, LuísConference ObjectOpen Access
2010The Influence of Aerobic Fitness on Age-related Lymphocyte DNA Damage in Humans: some possible underlying mechanismsMota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daConference ObjectOpen Access
2012THE INFLUENCE OF DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN TOTAL ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY AND OXIDATIVE DNA DAMAGE, IN HUMAN LYMPHOCYTESSoares, Jorge Pinto; Bento, T.; João, P.V.; Oliveira, M.M.; Peixoto, F.M.; Gaivão, Isabel; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daConference ObjectOpen Access
6-Jul-2016The Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Healthcare Organisations’ PerformanceLeal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos Duarte Coelho Peixeira; Marques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Cruz, MariaConference ObjectClosed Access
2016The long road from one-size-fits-all SME promotion to bespoke business start-upsMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Gerry, Chris; Leal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos Duarte Coelho PeixeiraConference ObjectClosed Access
2010THE RELATIVE CONTRIBUTION OF SCORING SKILLS FOR WINING IN VOLLEYBALL - FIVB MEN’S GRAND CHAMPIONS CUP 20097João, P.V.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Leite, N.; Vaz, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016The use of Function Machine: an experience in the classroomGandra, Ana Paula; Aires, Ana Paula; Catarino, PaulaConference ObjectClosed Access
2009The use of ultrasound measurements for monitoring subcutaneous fat and muscle depths of ChurraSilva, Severiano; Guedes, Cristina; Santos, Virgínia; Lourenço, A.; Mena, Elizabete; Azevedo, Jorge Manuel Teixeira deConference ObjectOpen Access
2015Thermography: a technique for assessing the risk of developing diabetic foot disorders: Figure 1Mendes, Romeu; Sousa, Nelson; Almeida, António; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Reis, Victor Machado; Eduardo Borba NevesConference ObjectClosed Access
2014TO WHAT EXTENT CAN PHYSICAL EXERCISE ATTENUATE AGEING PROCESS?Santos, Z.; Soares, Jorge Pinto; Pereira, A.F.; Andrade, H.; Paixão, R.; Gaivão, Isabel; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daConference ObjectClosed Access
2007Topographic and Hydrologic Controls of Spring Water Travel Times and Plagioclase Weathering Rates in Solid RocksPacheco, Fernando António Leal; Van der Weijden, C. H.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2011Touch-FISH: a capable protocol to study spontaneous abortions when cell culture failsCarvalho, A.; Souto, Marta; Botelho, P.; Chaves, Raquel; Moutinho, O.; Pinto-Leite, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access