Categorical Principal Component Analysis (CATPCA): a statistical method for sensory data treatment applied to the sensory profile of Port wines

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Port wine is a fortified wine. After the grape spirit addition the fermentation stops and the wine retains some of the natural sweetness of the grape. Port wine exhibits a variety of different styles, each with its own characteristic flavors. Ruby, Reserve Ports and Late Bottled Vintage Ports (LBV), Tawny Ports and White Ports. Information about the wines sensory characteristics is critical for the successful development and marketing of each new wine brand once brand management in today’s business world is extremely related to the organizations purpose and improvement of their strategies. The two main purposes of this study were to describe a specific sensory method, used by a trained sensory panel including chemical compounds reference development, to establish the most important descriptive and discriminative sensory attributes of different Port wine styles and brands and to compare the results of PCA with the results of CATPCA, in order to assess the feasibility of both techniques.
Port Wines , CATPCA , Sensory profile , MANOVA