The economic crisis and agrarian sustainability: weaknesses and potentialities. Case study on goat farms.

Costa, Ana Alexandra Vilela Marta Rio
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The objective of this work is to identify the effects (economic, environmental and social) of the economic crisis in agrarian activity at the farm level, focused on farms with the goat livestock of Bravia breed, and to identify the mechanisms/actions/innovations developed by these farms, in order to their survival, as the created opportunities that can sustain them. The methodology focuses on surveys to farmers who hold different levels of livestock heads, in order to measure the evolution of economic, social and environmental indicators before the economic crisis and at the current scenario. The aim is also carry out a SWOT analysis of these systems. In a global view is observed none or little impact of the economic crisis in the studied herds. The high mortality rate, the need of constant labor and the dependence of farmers in farmers’ cooperative for most of the purposes are the main weaknesses found on these production systems. Effective responses to these situations reveal themselves as the main opportunities of the activity under study.
economic crisis , farming sustainability , goat rearing , weaknesses and potencialities