Retrospective epidemiological study of skin diseases in dogs and cats

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Dermatology is definitely one of the most important specialties in small animal veterinary medicine, as the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is exposed to the environment, therefore possibility to be affected is high and it is also an indicator of the animal’s general health. As the majority of the dermatological cases are complicated, in many of them, there is need of complementary exams in the form of biopsy and histopathological findings. Skin biopsy is getting more and more importance in the field of veterinary dermatology. In this work is presented the importance of skin biopsy, indications and contraindications of the technique, detailed explanation of the skin biopsy technique, critical points, as well as shipment of the material to laboratory. It also explains the role and importance of a pathologist for the clinical cases, as well as brief histopathological terminology used in the results. A retrospective epidemiological study is presented, based on the results of the skin biopsies of dogs and cats, obtained from INNO laboratory in Portugal between years 2010- 2016. Main goal of this study is to gain information about the final diagnosis based on underwent skin biopsies, and to gain knowledge about the most common dermatological diseases of pets in Portugal. The majority of the biopsies received came from male dogs, with an average age of 7,3 years. The 5 most affected breeds are Labrador Retriever, Boxer, German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel and undetermined breed. In total, 74 different types of breeds were present. The 3 most common diseases, which dogs suffer from are neoplastic, allergic and infectious diseases. Considering cats, females are more predisposed to suffer from dermatological diseases. The average age of affected cats is 7,5 years. The 2 most affected breeds are European shorthair cat and undetermined breed. In total, skin biopsies were obtained from 5 different types of breeds. The 3 most common diseases in cats are allergic, neoplastic and infectious diseases.
Skin biopsy , Veterinary Dermatopathology , Retrospective study , Epidemiology , Dermatological diseases , Small Animals