Cervical hypoplasia in jennets: a description of two cases

Payan-Carreira, R.
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The authors describe two cases of cervical hypoplasia in jennets, detected during the gynaecological evaluation of two purebred females of the Portuguese donkey breed Asinina de Miranda. These jennets aged 10 and 15 years were referred for consultation by the local breeders association because of infertility detected during an artificial breeding programme. In both jennets the cervix was small, shorter than the usual and closed. In one of the females, outflow of semen during artificial insemination was reported. Clinical and ultrasonographic evaluation of the genital tract demonstrated that both ovaries were normally sized in both animals and presenting structures suggestive of regular ovarian activity. In one of the jennets, a small amount of air in the uterus was evidenced. In the other, signs indicative of atresia of the cervical canal were found. Vaginal examination showed that the cervix was reduced in size and shallowed in both animals. A diagnosis of congenital cervical hypoplasia was made in both cases and the animals were excluded from reproduction.