Real-time ultrasound to predict rabbit carcass composition and volume of longissimus dorsi muscle

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Real-time ultrasonography (RTU) was used to measure the longissimus dorsi muscle (LM) volume in vivo and to predict the carcass composition of rabbits. For this, 63 New Zealand White × Californian rabbits with 2093±63 g live weight were used. Animals were scanned between the 6th and 7th lumbar vertebrae using an RTU equipment with a 7.5 MHz probe. Measurements of LM volume were obtianed both in vivo and on carcass. Regression equations were used for the prediction of carcass composition and LM volume using the LM volume measured obtained with RTU (LMVU) as independent variable. Carcass meat, bone and total dissectible fat weights represented 780, 164 and 56 g/kg of the reference carcass weight, respectively. Regression equations showed a strong relationship between LMVU and the correspondent volume in carcass. Furthermore, LMVU was also useful in predicting the amounts of carcass tissues. It is possible to predict LM volume in the carcass using the LM volume measured in vivo by RTU. The amount of carcass tissues can be predicted by the LM volume measured in vivo by RTU.
Bone , Fat , Imaging , Muscle volume , Ultrasonography