E-marketing in the Galician companies

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Marketing emerged as a function of the sales department. If the focus was on production before, now the focus is on the effort to sell the products. From the moment that effort to sell began to be considered a job, human work became more abstract and intellectual than physical. However, it was not enough to produce and then try to sell. To capture customers it was necessary to know what they wanted to buy. Marketing began to intervene also in the planning of the production. It was necessary to know how customers wanted this or that product. Marketing was extended to the production and distribution processes. Customers had to be retained after being picked up. Marketing broadens its scope of action to the after-sales service, such as maintenance and customer service. It is now known that it is not exactly the product itself that the customer chooses and consumes. Marketing acts intensely in the formation of the brand image and the communication of the most abstract attributes of each product or service. Between the years 1800/1920 the industrial revolution arose, the companies Europe and the United States showed a clear orientation to the production since the demand surpassed the supply, also it was believed that the consumers preferred products that were available and affordable and that therefore management should concentrate on improve the efficiency of production and distribution. This project is carried out in the Galician Autonomous Community (GAC), it is done by means of a questionnaire answered by the managers of the companies of the GAC to identify the most used techniques, which are the most relevant factors in their choice, advantages, disadvantages, results and objectives that will be achieved with this practice, in addition to this, it will be possible to observe the practices of approach of the actions of e-marketing and finally, which is for them its importance and main objective with its web page, always from the perspective of the managers of the companies
Dissertação de Mestrado em Engenharia Informática apresentada à Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro