Phylogenetic identification of Aeromonas from pigs slaughtered for consumption in slaughterhouses at the North of Portugal

Fontes, M. C.
Saavedra, M. J.
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In the present study, 710 isolates of Aeromonas spp. have been collected from pig carcasses, diaphragm muscle, faeces, dehairing equipment and water in slaughterhouses at the North of Portugal. The isolates were obtained from a total of 154 samples. All Presumptive Aeromonas isolates were subjected to ERIC-PCR analysis and those which presented a different pattern were taken and the species classified by gyrB gene sequencing. We have found the species A. hydrophila, A. salmonicida, A. bestiarum, A. caviae, A. media, A. veronii, A. allosaccharophila, A. simiae and A. aquariorum. To our knowledge, this extent of Aeromonas species diversity has not been previously described from meat or from the slaughter environment, perhaps due to the unreliability of available identification methods. A noticeable level of isolate redundancy (strains with identical gyrB sequence) from different samples collected in different dates was also obtained, indicating that only a few predominant strains of these species persist at the slaughter system. It is also important to emphasise the presence of Aeromonas species previously associated with illness in man.
Aeromonas , Pig carcasses , gyrB sequencing , ERIC-PCR
Fontes, M. C. et al, 2011, Int. J. Food Microbiol, 146, 118-122