Profile of practitioners of supervised physical exercise in the southern region of Brazil

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With 23,398 fitness academies, catering for around seven million users, Brazil ranks second behind the United States in the number of units. The objective of this study is to delineate the profile of supervised physical activity practitioners in the three most southern states of Brazil (Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul), analyzing the reasons which lead them to choose a fitness service. Fitness academy clients were also surveyed in relation to their alcohol, tobacco and food supplement usage. Seven hundred and ninety-seven (797) people were evaluated by means of a questionnaire. Data was collected in 24 fitness academies (eight in each state) in the three most southern states of Brazil. It was observed that those who practiced exercise regularly at fitness academies smoked little, consumed few food supplements, and with (50.44%) of those surveyed stating that they consumed only moderate amounts of alcohol. The majority, (34.13%) of exercise practitioners in southern Brazil chose to go to the gym five times a week, (40.99%) went at night, with (40.56%) giving as their reason for practicing exercise as being a way to improve their health. The distance between their home and the gym was the most important reason in choosing a place to conduct training. Intense individual activities were the most practiced type of exercise, there being no statistical difference between the percentages in the three states.
Profile of sports , Fitness Academies in Southern Brazil , Consumer profile
Welter, Diego Limberger; Neves, Eduardo Borba; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix. Profile of practitioners of supervised physical exercise in the southern region of Brazil, Bioscience Journal, 1, 209-218, 2017.