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Title: From church perseverance in authoritarian states to today ́s religious inspired tourism
Authors: Ambrósio, Vítor
Fernandes, Carlos
Krogmann, Alfred
Leitão, Isilda
Oremusová, Dasa
Solcová, Lucia
Keywords: authoritarian
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: A chronological analysis of Christian pilgrimages over the course of around 2,000 years of existence suggests that there have been swings in their level of popularity: strong whenever the ruling classes (whether religious or civil) protect popular sanctuaries and declining whenever policies constraint the practice of pilgrimages. This paper starts with the characterization of two authoritarian regimes, a fascist one in a western European country, Portugal (1928‐1974), and a communist one in a central European country, Slovakia (1948‐1989), at that time part of Czechoslovakia. The aim of this research was to explore the status quo during the period of government by the two authoritarian regimes, analyse the approach taken by each regime in regards to religious manifestations and how, with the eventual transition to democracy, it served to determine the dynamics surrounding each country ́s main pilgrimage shrine, respectively Fatima (Portugal) and Levoča (Slovakia). The research findings show that in Portugal there was no interruption on the increasing popularity and development of Fatima, from the authoritarian to democratic regimes. Meanwhile, in Slovakia only after democracy was reinstated, was it allowed for people to manifest freely their religious beliefs that led to a revival of pilgrimages and visits to Levoča. The findings provide an understanding of the role of the state under authoritarian regimes and the policies implemented that prompted the importance and potential of the two shrines as religious tourism destinations.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISSN: 1695-7121
Document Type: Article
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