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Title: Complex Lagrangians in a hyperKaehler manifold and the relative Albanese
Authors: Biswas, Indranil
Gómez, Tomas
Oliveira, Andre Gama
Keywords: research subject categories
geometry and mathematical analysis
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Let M be the moduli space of complex Lagrangian submanifolds of a hyperKähler manifold X, and let A→ M be the relative Albanese over M. We prove that A has a natural holomorphic symplectic structure. The projection onto M defines a completely integrable structure on the symplectic manifold A. In particular, the fibers are complex Lagrangians with respect to the symplectic form on A. We also prove analogous results for the relative Picard over M.
Document Type: Article
Appears in Collections:DMAT - Artigo Técnico em Revistas Internacional

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