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dc.contributor.authorRebelo, João Fernandespt_PT
dc.contributor.authorGouveia, Sofia Helena Cerqueira dept_PT
dc.contributor.authorGomes, Lina Sofia Matos Lourençopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorCosta, Ana Alexandra Vilela Marta Riopt_PT
dc.description.abstractThe wine market is an excellent example of monopolistic competition, demonstrating both vertical and horizontal product differentiation. The propensity toward monopolis- tic competition and the asymmetric preferences of wine consumption can justify the coexistence of different sized wineries. The main goal of this chapter is to analyze the economic performance of wineries, using indicators widely employed in economic and business literature, and to assess the potential influence of size on firm’s performance. To achieve this goal, different statistical tests are applied to firms ́ data collected from two representative Portuguese demarcated wine regions (Douro and Vinho Verde). The results confirm that the wine firm’s performance is a multidimensional construct, exhibiting similarities and differences, according to the index used. The size of firms increases their export performance but exhibits a nonstatistical effect on the financial performance. The indices of productivity and productive efficiency show that there is no standard behavior. The results of this study can be useful both for managers and public decision-makers, given the importance of controlling economic performance in order to guarantee the industry’s competitiveness in an increasingly globalized wine business.pt_PT
dc.relation.ispartofCETRAD - Centro de Estudos Transdisciplinares para o Desenvolvimentopt_PT
dc.subjectdemarcated wine regionspt_PT
dc.subjecteconomic performancept_PT
dc.subjectwine industrypt_PT
dc.subjectmonopolistic competitionpt_PT
dc.titleWine firm’s size and economic performance: Evidence from traditional Portuguese wine regionspt_PT
dc.title.alternativeGrapes and wines: advances in production, processing, analysis and valorizationpt_PT
degois.publication.titleGrapes and Wines: Advances in Production, Processing, Analysis and Valorizationpt_PT
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