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Title: Over-time visitors’ preferences for a cultural landscape within discrete choice experiments
Authors: Gomes, Lina Sofia Matos Lourenço
Pinto, Lígia
Keywords: preferences stability
discrete choice experiments
cultural economics
test retest
generalised mixed logit model
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Abstract: This paper addresses the question of the stability of preferences over-time, an issue that seems to deserve increasing attention within the question of transferability of the results from nonmarket valuation techniques and, consequently, their reliability in supporting managerial decisions and policy evaluations, especially in times of fast and unpredictable changes. The paper includes a recent extension of the mixed (random parameters) logit model, the generalized mixed logit model, which accounts simultaneously for preference and scale unobserved heterogeneity, decomposing the latter to identify scale effects data specific. This model is applied to two data sets, that were collected in 2008 and 2013, of Portuguese visitors’ preferences regarding the attributes worth preserving and, consequently, public attention of the Alto Douro Wine Region, a cultural landscape world heritage site. During the gap of time, Portugal was under an extreme economic crisis that could have changed the visitors’ behaviour and their choices, which reinforces the need to analyse the stability of the preferences regarding cultural goods. The results suggest the presence of a structural change on preferences between the two periods. In this sense, the present DCE does not stand the test of time.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISBN: 978-989-704-242-3
Document Type: Conference Object
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