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Title: Understanding port wine consumers’ nowadays. Do we have new niches market?
Authors: Ferreira, Carla
Rebelo, João Fernandes
Gomes, Lina Sofia Matos Lourenço
Correia, Elisete
Baumert, Philippe
Perreau, Christine
Keywords: correspondence analysis
cluster analysis
market segmentation
port wine
wine consumers
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Abstract: The challenges in the patterns of wine consumption worldwide suggest the presence of new consumers with specific cultural backgrounds, different purchasing habits, behaviour and preferences. In this scenario, the understanding of consumer behavior is a crucial tool for wine firms and managers, especially in traditionally producing and consuming countries such as Portugal. Mirror of a long history of production and internationalization, Port Wine is a national reference. Neverthless, the negative trends of consumption of Port wine call for a better understating of the consumer preferences and choice behavior. The main goal of this research is to provide a deeper understanding of consumption and purchase behavior of Port wine through the identification of homogeneous patterns or market segments valuable to the wine industry. An online survey was administered and a sample of 678 Portuguese wine consumers was gathered. From the application of multivariate statistical techniques, namely the correspondence analysis and cluster analysis, three profiles of buyers/consumers emerged: experienced, less-experienced and inexperienced consumers. This segmentation reveals that Port wine consumers are grouped according to their involvement with the product, the occasion on which consumption takes place, and the price they are willing to pay per bottle. Age and gender are the most distinctive socioeconomic covariates. The group of experienced consumers consumes Port wine very frequently, and comprises mostly men with a high degree of involvement with the product. In contrast, the inexperienced consumer group is constituted largely by young, price-driven consumers who drink particularly standard categories Port wine with friends. The less-experienced consumers are often women, occasional consumers, with little or no knowledge of wine, and who drink Port on special occasions, accompanied by their partner and/or family members. This article concludes that appropriately-designed advertising campaigns in supermarkets and restaurants can provide a useful tool for improving –bothqualitativelyandqualitatively–theconsumptionofPort.Theknowledgeaboutthemain characteristicsofdifferent market segments has important implications for producers and companies in design their marketing strategies and for successful brand positing.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISBN: 978-989-8780-07-2
Document Type: Conference Object
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