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Título: Innovative management of community territories and inter-organizational communication for regional development
Outros títulos: The role of knowledge transfer in open innovation
Autor: Koehnen, Timothy Leonard
Data: 2019
Resumo: The chapter addresses engagement, facilitation processes, governance, decentralized decision-making process, and inter-organizational relationships in rural communities in Portugal involving the community lands in mountainous areas. These lands are multifunctional in that they are used for forestry, grazing of ruminants, honey production, mushroom and dry nut gathering, water and wind rights, as well as plant protection and preservation of ecosystems. The management of these lands is the responsibility of the common land associations. These local institutions and their leaders represent the local users of these community lands. The chapter presents empirical data from an exploratory research study of inter-organizational linkages with these common land institutions and other governmental organiza- tions and civil society entities. The entities include ministry and regional level organizations, municipal governments, and local development associations.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10348/10288
ISBN: 9781522558491
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