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Title: Mecanismos Neuro-humorais e Endoteliais na Insuficiência Cardíaca – Implicacoes
Other Titles: Neurohumoral and Endothelialmechanisms in Heart Failure Implications in Pathophysiology and Treatment
Authors: Sousa, Ana Patrícia Nunes Fontes de
Advisor: Moreira, Adelino F. Leite
Montoya Alonso, Alberto
Keywords: Deficiências cardíacas
Pressão arterial
Medicina veterinária
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Heart failure (HF) is a complex clinic disorder resulting from any structural insult causing cardiac dysfunction. Diastolic heart failure (DHF) and systolic heart failure (SHF) are two clinical subsets of the syndrome of HF that are most frequently encountered in clinical practice. Epidemiological studies have clearly shown that DHF is a common cause of chronic HF and causes a significant increa ascular morbidity and mortality. Diastolic dysfunction is well recognized and common in patients with HF. Whether DHF shares most pathogenic mechanisms with SHF remains to be established. The neurohumonal hypothesis has become central to our understanding of SHF. In DHF its role is not fully established. So, the main goal of the present thesis was to elucidate the role of different neurohumoral mechanisms on intrinsic myocardial properties in healthy hearts and in the progression to HF, with a part ular emphasis on the diastolic properties. Experimental work was performed in papillary muscles isolated from the right ventricle of New Zealand White rabbits (healthy and with doxorubicin-induced HF). Evaluated neurohumoral mechanism included endothelin-1 (ET-1), sympathetic nervous system, adrenomedullin (AM) and urotensin II (U-II). On the other hand, considering that echocardiography is an essential diagnostic tool for the evaluation of global cardiac function and the fact that rabbit is an import nt animal model, we also characterize some echocardiographic parameters in this species.
Description: Dissertação Doutoramento em Ciências Veterinárias
Document Type: Doctoral Thesis
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