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Title: Chitosan Application in Vineyards (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Tinto Cão) Induces Accumulation of Anthocyanins and Other Phenolics in Berries, Mediated by Modifications in the Transcription of Secondary Metabolism Genes
Authors: Singh, Rupesh Kumar
Martins, Viviana
Soares, Bruno
Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira de
Falco, Virgílio
Keywords: chitosan
Vitis vinifera L.
transporter genes
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Despite the numerous beneficial properties and uses of chitosan in agriculture, the molecular mechanisms behind its elicitation potential are still unclear. This study aimed at understanding the e ect of chitosan application in the levels of phenolic compounds of Vitis vinifera L. red grapes berry skin (cv. Tinto Cão) during veraison. Grapevines were treated with chitosan (0.01% in 0.01% acetic acid) while control grapevines were sprayed with 0.01% acetic acid. Results showed that several monomeric anthocyanins increased significantly in berry skins after treatment with chitosan. Additionally, Catechin, Rutin and Querecetin-3-O-galactoside were also recorded in higher amount upon chitosan treatment. Besides modulating the phenolic content, chitosan treatment also induced modifications in several target genes encoding key enzymes and transporters involved in secondary metabolic pathways. For instance, the genes PAL, CHS, F3H, ANR, UFGT, ABCC1, GST, MATE1 were upregulated in leaves and berry skins at veraison cessation in response to chitosan treatment. Overall, the results demonstrated that chitosan has a stimulatory e ect on the accumulation of phenolic compounds, including anthocyanins, mediated by modifications in the transcription of key genes involved in their biosynthesis and transport in grape berries.
Peer Reviewed: yes
Document Type: Article
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