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dc.contributor.authorTapada, Albertopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorMarques, Carla Susana da Encarnaçãopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorMarques, Carlos Peixeirapt_PT
dc.contributor.authorCosta, Carlospt_PT
dc.contributor.editorTeixeira, Sérgio J.-
dc.contributor.editorCampanella, Sancha-
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to draw a guiding thread and develop a participative proposal for a collaborative network that corresponds, simultaneously, to the needs of the region and the expectations of its actors, contributing to the local development and to the success of the Astrotourism Project and Starlight Certification of the Tua Valley Regional Natural Park. In this way, extrapolating the concept of network to the tourism area, a series of interviews were carried out with a set of regional stakeholders, in order to understand what their view of the networks is, whether they belong to an identical collaborative model and which are their contributions and expectations for the creation of a network with a view to the socioeconomic and cultural development of an inland region, such as the Tua Valley. The results show that the majority of the actors is aware with the concept of a network even because they already integrate similar models, supporting the creation of a cooperative structure of this kind, where a culture of sharing and mutual trust prevails, which is capable of responding to needs and specificities of its members and region.pt_PT
dc.relation.ispartofCETRAD - Centro de Estudos Transdisciplinares para o Desenvolvimentopt_PT
dc.subjectRegional developmentpt_PT
dc.titleAstrotourism: the role of regional development networks and their contribution to the creation of a starlight tourism destination in the Tua Valley Natural Parkpt_PT
degois.publication.titleInternational Conference on Regional Competitiveness, Tourism Innovation and Knowledge Transferpt_PT
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