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Title: Bioclimatic Shifts in the Iberian Peninsula under Climate Change
Authors: Andrade, Cristina Maria Mendes
Advisor: Santos, João Carlos Andrade Dos
Issue Date: 4-Oct-2021
Abstract: The main goal of this Post-Doctoral Programme wasto assess bioclimatic shifts in the Iberian Peninsula, and thus in mainland Portugal, for a recent past anduntil 2070under two Representative Concentration Pathways(RCPs). This assessment was madebyusing several indices, namely, the WASP-IndexandthreeAridity Indices(the De Martonne Index,thePinna Combinative Index,and the Erinç Aridity Index).In both cases this analyse was performed until 2070 under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5for the Iberian Peninsula.The Köppen-Geiger Climatic Classification,as well asthe Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System(Macroclimates, Bioclimates, Thermotypes and Ombrotypes)were also assessed from 1950–1979 to 1990–2019for mainland Portugal. In this case the impacts of bioclimatic shifts in oliviculture and viticulture were analyzed.The main results will be present in section 3.Theseresearch activities allowed not only to publish three articles in JCR journals(Appendix 1), but also to promote the interaction with other researchers from CITABsince I am an integrated member since 2010.Further research activities undertaken during this period will be described herein.
Description: Post-Doctoral Project in Physics Final Report
Document Type: Other
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